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8 時間 30 分 (平均所要時間)
使用言語: 英語


この8.5時間の日帰り旅行中に、海の景色、険しい山々、魅力的な歴史を楽しみながら、コーチでオアフ島全体を一周しましょう。ダイヤモンドヘッド、ハナウマ湾、Nu’uanu Pali、Halona Blowhole、オアフの美しいノースショアをご覧ください。その後、ドールプランテーション(新鮮なパイナップルを試飲します)と穏やかな和風の平等院で、ハワイの歴史と文化を満喫しましょう。このオアフ島のサークルアイランドツアーには、寺院への入場料とホテル往復送迎が含まれています。
  • ワイキキ発オアフ島の丸一日ガイド付きサークルアイランドツアー
  • Diamond Head、Halonaブローホール、Hanauma Bay、Nuʻuanu Paliに立ち寄ります。
  • 古代の日本の寺院のレプリカである絶妙な平等院を訪問
  • 1960年代からビッグウェーブサーフィンで有名なワイメア湾を含むオアフのノースショアのビーチ
  • ドールプランテーションの農場で新鮮なパイナップルのサンプル
  • あなたの地元のガイドからオアフ島のランドマークの全てを学ぶ
  • ホテルへの送迎


ダイアモンドヘッドへ向かう途中、高級なカハラ地区を経由して、午前中にワイキキのホテルからのピックアップで旅を始めましょう。この350エーカー(142ヘクタール)の火口は、数百万年前に今は消えた火山によって取り残されました。 Amelia Earhart Lookoutに立ち寄り、サーファーの素晴らしい景色を下のビーチで眺めてください。展望台は、1935年にカリフォルニアへのホノルルから最初の成功した単独飛行を完了した象徴的な女性飛行士にちなんで名付けられました。
スノーケリングと透き通った海で知られる海洋自然保護区、ハナウマ湾へと続きます。そこから、Halona Blowholeへと進みます。Halona Blowholeは、海岸の岩層で、狭い開口部から海が膨らみ、爆発的な水のような印象的な水を作り出します。
カヌホとカイルア湾の両方のパノラマの景色を眺めることができる見落としであるNu’uanu Paliへ向かって、オアフの丘の中へとドライブしてください。あなたの次の停留所は、日本の宇治にある950年前の仏教寺院の再創造である平等院にあります。複雑な複雑な寺院の建物や輝く9フィート(木メートル)の高い金の仏像は、すべてコオラウ山脈の美しい麓にあります。
次に、オアフ島のノースショアに向かって進み、モコリ島(チャイナマンズハット)とカハナ湾の美しい景色を眺めながらお楽しみください。 1960年代から世界的に有名なビッグウェーブサーフィン文化の中心地として知られるサンセットビーチやワイメアベイなど、ノースショアのトップビーチにすぐに到着するでしょう。冬の間、ビーチは大きな波のライダーでいっぱいになること間違いなしです、強いうねりはこの海岸のこのストレッチに当たる。




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Vickie A
, 5 2019
Wonderful tour, full of adventures! Ben with Polynesian Tours, a native, was very knowledgeable and informative. He was also so nice and FUN! We especially enjoyed our visit to the Dole Plantation, where we experienced our first pineapple whip! We went in mid-April, and the weather was perfect!
Pratiksha N
, 4 2019
The tour was v disappointing, the list of pts that were to be covered was deceiving, a lot of those pts were merely drive through. Important pts like Manoa falls was not covered, instead unnecessary marketing stops were made to a general store for 45 mins, lunch was 11/2hr but then dole farm was tooo short,time allocation was faulty. Most frustrating part was that despite 24 hr cancellation policy, when we called to cancel a sick family member’s ticket we got quite the runaround. The tour guide was good.
, 10 2018
Don’t get me wrong, our guide was great. Tommy was very informative and talked through the entire tour which did a loop around the island. We skipped the areas I was most excited to see, the nature preserve and the Blowhole and Diamond Head Crater. The driver said there wasn’t any parking as many other tour companies had beat us to these popular attractions. I wondered why we were on a coach bus that could seat 60 people when our group was only a dozen. To make up for the time we would have spent at these wonderful natural attractions, our driver stopped at a random rocky beach that was not appealing and dropped us for half and hour at a delapitated strip center that featured a Jack in the Box, Subway, ice cream shop and overpriced trinket store. This would be the reoccurring theme of the day, being dropped for 30-45 minutes at various tourist traps including the Dole pineapple compound (worst ice cream and chocolate I’ve had on all the islands of Hawaii), a macadamias nut plantation where I saw our driver take a handful of cash from the owners (they must get paid by the head), and the the ranch at Kualo which featured a hasty 15minute tour of the property. The lunch buffet didn’t have much choice and the majority of the food was heavy and unappealing (bean chili, ribs and cake) but we made due with some chicken and rice. The Kuala Ranch was packed with tourists and had a massive gift shop featuring items that were made in China. This experience was frustrating, it didn’t feel like we experienced any of the nature and natural beauty we had signed up for and we only flew by the beautiful beaches of the north shore and the driver wouldn’t even stop so we could see the sea turtles on Turtle Beach. I guess he was in a hurry to get us back an hour earlier than schedule so he could stick his hand out for a tip.
Atrisha L
, 10 2018
The tour director/ driver was one of the most knowledgeable person I have had. My husband and I took this tour 4 years ago and we did not see half of what we saw yesterday. She was outstanding. I would recommend this to anyone looking to learn more about the island and since she is Hawaiian we heard a lot about the daily life of an average person who lives here. Just an incredible visit
, 9 2018
It was a great opportunity to see other side of the island, unfortunately once you get to the places you really would like to have a bit more of time to enjoy them. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and had good recommendations
, 9 2018
Very good tour, we tour all the island and stopped at some lovely places for photo opportunities
, 9 2018
This tour was in a comfortable motor coach van with a company called Polynesian Adventure Tours. Guide was a very positive and energetic Samoan guy by the name of Kalaa (pronounced like “Clay” with an “ah” in the middle between the “C” and “L” to make it two syllables).The tour picks up people from multiple hotels between 8:15- 9 AM and then sets off on its way. Lasts until about 6 PM with a lunch break around 12:30-1 PM at a picturesque place called Kuuola Ranch. Guide is also the driver and tells many interesting fun facts about each place we visit, as well as about Hawaii in general. Some of the places we saw included Hanauma Bay Reserve, the Byodo-In Japanese temple, Waimea Bay, the Halona Blowhole, the Dole Plantation, and at the end, a beautiful scenic view of the Honolulu area from a viewing area called Nu’uanu Pali. The tour is long and should not be taken by those with low energy and stamina. But if you can complete it, it will definitely be one of the most fun and fulfilling tours offered by any tour company that you can take of Oahu. Would definitely take other similar tours with this company and guide again!!
James B
, 9 2018
Driver very knowledgeable. Learned a lot about Hawaii and the culture. Learned about the kings and queens of ancient Hawaii
, 8 2018
Tommy was a great entertaining driver and took us to great spots. The commentary was great and we saw a lot in the time we had. Truly lovely experience!
Steve L
, 7 2018


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