Honolulu, ハワイ島

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4時間半の小グループのガイドツアーでパシフィック ナショナル モニュメントとアリゾナ記念館を含む真珠湾一帯を巡り、この地を詳しく知りましょう。1941年の日本軍による攻撃の記録映画を鑑賞し、真珠湾の歴史を学びます。ツアー終了後は、快適な車に戻りホノルル市内の観光スポットを巡りこの魅惑的な街の歴史と文化について知りましょう。




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, 3 2019

The shuttle service and guide were fantastic. Like the best we had all trip. Thank you for an amazing and memorable day.

, 3 2019

Our guide “Eddie” was a delight to be with, giving us interesting and amusing tidbits related to the various sights as we traveled thru the city to PH.

, 1 2019

A brilliant way to see Pearl Harbor and some of the famous Hawaii Landmarks. Our driver was very knowledgeable and answered all questions asked. Took us direct to Pearl Harbor and we visited other sites on the return trip. Highly recommended!!

, 1 2019

There's no direction from a tour guide unless you do audio tour. You are dropped off. It's disappointing not getting to get on the monument and the boat ride is maybe 10 minutes to go out and look at a distance. The 20 minute film was interesting but a lot of opportunity to enlighten is lost. The supposed city tour was just naming buildings and areas, pointing out some trees and an occasional bird. Superfluous. Take a bus and do it yourself. Cheaper and more time efficient.

, 12 2018

Educational and interesting. Only need a short visit to understand what happened there. Little too long.

, 12 2018

I booked this tour 10 months ago when Carnival didn't have a tour to pearl Harbor on Dec. 7. The closure came some months later. I called Viator and was told they didn't hear that. I also at that time told them to change my phone # because I gave my home # and needed my cell because we were on a 2 week cruise. They read back my phone # and it was my cell. when we got to Oahu, there was an observance that took all morning and we couldn't get to the memorial or the Missouri. They called the day before but called my home phone. They had my cell #. when we didn't hear from them we called and was told that the only thing we would see was the Bowfin submarine, no water shuttle or Arizona memorial. K C was a great driver and gave a short tour around Honolulu but the real reason for the tour was very disappointing. we paid over $100.00 and they didn't even offer a refund of some amount. Viator is aware I;m sure of what the schedule for Dec. 7 is and should advise their customers. Also make aware to customers that they will call 24 hrs before and advise them to put a cell # down when they sign up,not a home phone.

, 12 2018

We were picked up promptly at our hotel. We were the first of our tour group and the information started right away as we traveled to Waikiki for the others. We had plenty of time at Pearl Harbor and then the rest of the tour of Honolulu began. All of our questions were answered and we also had ample time in the area of the 50 building. No complaints!

, 11 2018

Our Viator tour host was great and gave use good background on Pearl Harbor and the attractions we would see. The tour was very nice and a good educational experience for our 3 teenage kids. The host of the US Park Service movie attraction was very strange and turned off many in the crowd as she angrily barked out instructions to the crowd. She also made some subtle political statements about all nations and races needing to come together at the Pearl Harbor exhibit. I overheard several in line comment about how this and her demeanor was very negative and distracting.

, 10 2018

Great tour allowing it should probably be retitled as it covers more than just Pearl the Harbor facility itself. Eddie the driver was great. Downside was that we had a query to be fixed before we left Australia and tried twice via emails to Royal Hawaiian Limousines (who run the tour) but never received a reply. We also went through Viator three times and they said they had passed the query to RHL. All this covered a period of about 5 weeks. Again no reply. It was only after we got to our hotel in Hawaii and asked the concierge to contact RHL that the issue was fixed. RHL possibly needs to lift their game in their administration area!

, 10 2018

Prompt pick up in a superb vehicle.Very helpful driver / guide.Pearl Harbor experience was informative and moving

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+81 6 4560 2975