ホノルル, アメリカ合衆国

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9 時間 (平均所要時間)


典型的なツアーよりも小さいグループで運営されているこの豪華な日帰りツアーで、詳細な真珠湾体験をお楽しみください。あなたは、USSミズーリ州、USSアリゾナ記念館、USS Bowfin、および太平洋航空博物館を含む主要なサイトを訪れるでしょう。パールハーバービジターセンターを探索する。 1941年の日本の攻撃からのビデオ映像を見てください。そして、この歴史的な第二次世界大戦の出来事について、他にもたくさんの洞察を得ることができます。その後、ツアーが終了する前に、ホノルルを通る短い市内観光をお楽しみください。
  • トランスポート付きパールハーバーツアー
  • 第二次世界大戦中の真珠湾攻撃に対する日本の攻撃の出来事と重要性について学ぶ
  • USSミズーリ州、USS BowfinおよびUSSアリゾナ記念館を訪問してください。
  • 本物のビデオ映像やその他のアーティファクトを見る
  • 太平洋航空博物館を探索する
  • ワイキキホテル送迎サービス込み



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timothy J
, 7 2018
we was rushed thought it so did not really injoyed it next time a longer trip to pearl harbor would be what i recommend
Judith P
, 10 2016
Very disappointed in this trip. We were picked up late and everyone in the van was on different tours. Our point person at pearl rattled off times that each person was to meet at the pick up point. We then proceeded into the park entrance and were met by another individual that had our tickets. After entering the park we went to a spot where our point person began to rattle off all the things there were to see, but indicating he didn't know what tours we were all on and if we all would be seeing them. Eventually he handed out tickets. Talked about the hot dogs and soup, indicated we needed to make sure we went directly to the movie for the 9:45 showing. Since we we were somewhat confused as to what was the order of the exhibits we were to see he numbered the receipts. That was that. We were on our own. There was not one person that knew anything about the soup and hot dog we were to receive that was included in our ticket. We wound up paying for our food on our own. In short we found nothing vip, deluxe or small group with this package. All on all I would never recommend this package to anyone. Pearl harbor was an amazing place. We saw everything but could have done it much cheaper than by buying this package. My husband was navy and my father fought in the pacific. This was the 75th anniversary and we felt that this package, a small group tour would be the way to get the best and most personalized information and attention to detail. We have taken other tours that were booked with viator and have been very pleased. This was a huge and expensive disappointment. Feeling ripped off.
, 8 2016
Lara L
, 7 2016
This tour is actually a self guided tour except for the hour drive through Honolulu--where the guide was actually very knowledgable and friendly. You do get a ride to the Pearl Harbor Visitor's Center to and from the airport and the no-hassle ticket to the Arizona Memorial. However, one cannot do everything you pay for within the time you are allotted within the general Pearl Harbor area. Additionally, the introduction to the Visitor's Center was very confusing and not individualized, and we lost a great deal of time at the beginning of our day.


+81 6 4560 2975
+81 6 4560 2975