Ocho Rios, ジャマイカ

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  • ジャマイカのクール・ブルーホールやシークレット・ウォーターフォールを探索
  • ブルーホールへの往路ではオーチョ・リオスの中心部、近くの町エクスチェンジ、そしてジャマイカ最古の水力発電所を通ります
  • ジャマイカ島屈指の目を見張るような自然の観光名所周辺をダイビングしたり、ターザンロープでゆらゆらしたり、泳いだり、ハイキングしたりして楽しみましょう
  • 現地ガイドからこの地域の歴史や生態学を学びましょう
  • オーチョ・リオスのホテルからの往復送迎付きです




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, 7 2018

Had a great time and our driver Dr Fun made it a great experience and is wonderful host. Blue hole is beautiful and our tour guide was the best, looking after our 7 year child with so much care but giving her the confidence to do all the jumps. A brilliant few hours out and highly recommend. Only issue is we didn't get out pics via email

, 4 2018

This was a wonderful tour! We went with a group and had a great time. Our tour guides, Andre and Glen, were awesome! They interacted with us and our kids and answered all our questions about the area. Jumping was a little scary, but fun! We got to do 5 jumps each and 1 rope swing jump. The only drawback was that the day we went it was crowded. But our tour guides did a good job of getting us through with a reasonable wait time.

, 2 2018

Day was miserable weather wise but it was still enjoyable. Dr Fun tried his best to make it a nice experience. Bring water shoes.

, 2 2018

most beautiful place and the guy was so kind and friendly

, 1 2018

We had a great time with Dr. Fun on this Blue Hole Private tour! He made us feel safe and we did not have to worry about anything! Our tour guides at the Blue Hole took great care of us and we had a blast! After our stop at the Blue Hole, he also took us to a tour of the town, the rainforest and also to a stop that over looks the city of Ocho Rios. I would definitely recommend this tour with Dr. Fun!

, 1 2018

Poor experience. We expected to be there for a few hours but after three jumps which took about 30 minutes, that was it. There's not much to do. Go to Dunn River Falls instead.

, 12 2017

Destination of Irie Blue Hole was great. I highly recommend checking out the spot possibly the highlight of our 10-day Jamaica trip. Picturesque and unique experience. The driver was not Dr. Fun but was outsourced to a local route taxi driver. We didn't feel so comfortable with this at first but driver turned out to be great. Get to Blue Hole early because crowds will rush in after 9:30 am.

, 12 2017

Had a WONDERFUL time with Dr. Fun Tours! we were on a carnival cruise and after reading all the great reviews we decided to go with this private tour. the driver Levi and vehicle was awesome. Then when we got to the blue hole it got even better, we met our guide Jerry who took care of all 5 of us 2 kids and an infant while climbing, carrying cams, and kids. Do not forget water shoes! I'd give them 10 stars if I could. Book them!

, 11 2017

Tour was fun but the best part was Levi our driver! He took us on a private tour of Ocho Rios after our visit to the Blue Hole. We enjoyed spending the afternoon with him and learning more about his country. He is very proud of his homeland as he should be. The young man guiding you through the Blue Hole were friendly and helpful. Glad we went. Dr. Fun was as advertised.

, 10 2017

Dr. Fun offers an amazing excursion to the Blue Hole. Dr. Fun personally has a great sense of humor, was gracious by holding our personal items while at the Blue Hole, recommended, ordered and stopped at a local restaurant for us to try jerk chicken and set us up with Javier at the Blue Hole who was a tremendous guide.

The Blue Hole is a must see!

+81 6 4560 2975
+81 6 4560 2975