Osaka, 日本

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60分 (平均所要時間)
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  • 大阪の中心での、料理のワークショップ
  • 日本、日本の人々、日本の料理を学びましょう
  • 巻き寿司と、日本の卵焼きを作りましょう
  • 具材を混ぜて、日本を代表する料理の一つ、みそ汁を作りましょう。
  • 料理教室の最後には、自分で作った料理を食べることができます
  • 予約時に、昼食と夕食のクラスのどちらかを選択してください




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, 8 2017

It was an amazing experience way beyond my expectations. Apparently this is a new facility designed as a heritage house/museum. There were many cultural artifacts, statues and ukiyoe paintings hung on the walls. Even though I was there for the cooking class I learned a lot about Japanese culture and Japanese customs.
First I had to take my shoes off and wait to change my outfit for traditional cooking. While waiting for the class I was served a complementary green tea and had a nice chat with the friendly staff who were so kind to tell me about the city and the neighborhood. Then I was walked to the Japanese kitchen where I met the nicest Japanese lady Mrs. Sophie who was very kind and welcoming. Sophie explained the ingredients in Japanese and her assistant interpreted everything into English. It felt quite good to be served by a small team who made sure that our class was educational and entertaining. We first made Japanese rolled eggs and then cut sliced them into pieces. Then we prepared the rolled sushi with fresh salmon, tuna and some other fish kinds which they said was gathered from a gourmet supermarket and was fresh. Lastly we made a miso soup. Everything was yummy but I liked the Miso soup the most. We ate the food we cooked and as a surprise I was also served a golden flake ice cream as a treat.
Overall it was a great experience with a great teacher who explained us everything from scratch step by step. We also learned about how important role the rice, fish and came play in Japanese cuisine , the right way of using chopstick and the right way of eating sushi.At the end we also received the recipes so that we can cook the same things at home.
It was the highlight of my trip. Highly recommended.

+81 6 4560 2975
+81 6 4560 2975