Paris, フランス

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60分 (平均所要時間)
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  • ノートルダム大聖堂を観光
  • 大聖堂を外側と内側から探検して、ノートルダムのゴシック建築について学びます
  • 初めて訪れる方にぴったりなツアー




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, 1 2019

We thought this time around, it might be a good idea to do a guided tour of Notre-Dame. Unfortunately we couldn't really understand our guide and when she tried to speak up, she was told to be quiet. It may have been a better idea to have electronic devices with head phones.

, 1 2019

Meeting place was hard to find. Although our guide seemed nice she did not speak English clearly. This is not a front of the line pass so you will wait in line with everyone else. The audio system she used did not work well. My battery kept dying so I was unable to hear much of the commentary. I got ahead of her and I couldn’t find her in the crowd. I lost my tour group as she had no identifying flag or marker. I raced through the cathedral looking for her but never did find her. It was so frustrating as I could have entered this cathedral for free.

, 1 2019

Good - the tour itself was outstanding as the guide was very knowledgeable and enjoyable to spend time with. The cathedral itself is beautiful and filled with history.Bad - the instructions on finding the tour meeting place are awful. Calling the spot a coffee shop is laughable as numerous buildings in the area have the same name. Finding the exact address is very difficult especially if you don’t speak French.

, 1 2019

Julian was an amazing guide, spoke perfect English and had a wealth of knowledge about Norte-Dames gothic architecture and the history behind it and France in general. Once inside Julian was extremely knowledgeable about the stained glass and all the different chapels within Notre Dame. The tour went be fast and we had a very dood time with Julian. He made the tour fun, informative and a highlight of our trip to Paris. Highly recommend.

, 1 2019

My mom and I liked the tour. Our guide was sympatic and told us interesting facts. We like to recommend this tour. Alina Esaulava

, 1 2019

We’re going to visit my family and I this morning and arrived at the meeting point. There was never a tour guide there. The café meeting point didn’t know anything about the tour. And I was traveling with a child with disabilities. We miss the tour completely and through numerous attempts of trying to contact viator via cell phone overseas I was never able to get through due to extended hold times. This was the third tour on a trip that have problems. I would never recommend using buy either. I was in the hospital something like t this was the third tour on a trip that have problems. I would never recommend using viator. I also sent several emails which they claim to not have any record of our reservations. I am assess of emailing back-and-forth with them now.

, 11 2018

I was not able to take this tour because of time constraint and had to miss

, 10 2018

Tour guide was a half hour late arriving and rushed us through the cathedral. Not good!

, 10 2018

This tour was meant to be one hour but our enthusiastic guide gave us ten more minutes. Our guide was entertaining and informative. There were only six of us, which was a bonus. I’d thoroughly recommend this tour which was also very good value for money.

, 10 2018

We loved this tour. Our guide, Severine Cortines was amazing. We learned so much more by doing the guided tour then we would have on our own. The lines look really long but move amazingly fast. We highly recommend this to anyone going to visit Notre Dame.

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+81 6 4560 2975