パース発4日間ツアー:マーガレット リバー、バレー オブ ザ ジャイアンツ ツリー トップ ウォーク、アルバニー

ウエスタンオーストラリア州, オーストラリア

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4 日 (平均所要時間)
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Experience highlights of Western Australia’s scenic south on this diverse 4-day tour from Perth. Sample local flavors and watch a sheep-shearing demo in Margaret River, cruise around the Nornalup Inlet and see where the Indian and Southern oceans converge at the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse. Discover the area’s natural attractions as you marvel at the vast Mammoth Cave and climb above the treetops in the Valley of the Giants. Rest easy with three nights of included accommodation.
  • 4-day Margaret River, Albany and Valley of the Giants tour from Perth
  • Stroll through the quaint township of Margaret River
  • Visit the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk
  • Climb the Gloucester Tree for amazing views
  • Enjoy a wilderness cruise on Nornalup Inlet
  • Go underground in the limestone Mammoth Cave
  • View The Gap and Natural Bridge rock formations at Albany



朝食の後は、有名なホエールワールド通訳センターへ向かい、沿岸の観光を楽しんだり、「ギャップ」や「ナチュラルブリッジ」を訪れる前に、簡単なガイド付きツアーをお楽しみください。西海岸のリゾート地、ウォルポールへお越しの際は、地元のガイドにご参加いただき、最後の素晴らしい荒野地域の1つとして広く認められている、ノーナラップ入江でのランチクルーズをお楽しみください。次の停留所は、天蓋の森まで40メートルの高さに達する巨人の谷「Tree Top Walk」です。その後北西にペンバートン地域に向かい、あなたの宿泊施設でチェックインしてください。

早朝に壮大なBeedelup Fallsまで散歩して、それから私達は素晴らしいBoranup Forestを通って北へ向かい、61メートルのグロスターツリーを登る機会があります。その後西に移動し、オーストラリアで最も南西に広がるオーガスタのポイントに到着し、インド洋とグレートサザンオーシャンが出会うケープレーウィン灯台を訪問します。昼食後、サーファーズポイント展望台へ向かい、壮観な沿岸の景色を見に行き、次にマンモスケーブへ北上してから、オーストラリアの牧羊犬を体験し、Yallingup Shearing Shedで剪断デモをします。これに続くことはあなたの選択のあなたの調節で午後遅くチェックインするでしょう。

朝食後は、マーガレットリバーのメインタウンシップで自由時間をお楽しみください。買い物をした後は、チョコレートとチーズの工場(時間が許せば)に行き、おいしいサンプルを味わってから、地元のおいしいワインをマーキーワイナリーで試してみましょう。昼食の後、Canal Rocksの劇的な海岸へ向かいます。帰宅途中のビュッセルトンでは、南半球で最も長い木造の桟橋が見えます。午後遅くに到着するパースへの余暇ドライブ。



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Patrick G
, 4 2018

As a way of experiencing the best of Australia's south west corner, the 4 day tour could hardly be bettered. We saw all the featured sights and some less well known but beautiful ones. Our driver was first rate, experienced and very personable accommodation and meals were very good. I'd strongly recommend the 4 day tour over shorter alternatives if your plans allow it.

Chris R
, 11 2017

This was our first experience of SW Australia. Mixture of work and pleasure we found we had 4 days to explore the more southern reaches. Whilst we had down a little internet exploration and came across some of the 'things to see and do' we found that the 4 day tour took in most of what we wanted.
Sit back and relax. Comfortable coach - with leg room! I don't think we would have had such a relaxing time if we had hired a car. Keith, our driver was an excellent host. The beauty was that with such a packed itinerary we went from place to place - with time to enjoy.
We sampled the various hotels which I have to say were very goo. Food was well recommended by Keith.
The history of the South West is fascinating but the earlier settlers would certainly have had a hard time.
The trip was only part of the experience - getting to know fellow travellers added flavour to the whole experience of our first ever 'bus holiday' - I hope we will have the chance to come back having had an insight of what there is to see and do - a lot.
Regards to all Anne and Chris

Terence R
, 3 2017

A great tour, the river cruise visit at Walpole was a standout and Gary will not be easily forgotten. A real character and good entertainment despite the rain. Coach was comfortable and accommodation was good, specially the Abbey Beach resort. Food was excellent throughout the tour. Plenty of wine tasted and chocolate eaten. Tour guide/driver was outstanding.

Laurent L
, 1 2016

Great tour, great accomodation, great food, what more can you ask for? The nights in Karri valley and Busselton were amazing. Grant our guide was fantastic. Highly recommended. Thanks also to Mr Muir in Walpole, most passionate guide ever!!!!!!!

Catherine M
, 1 2014

Great trip, excellent bus driver who was very informative. Great hotels.

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+81 6 4560 2975