Prague, チェコ共和国

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2時間 30分 (平均所要時間)
使用言語: 英語


  • プラハでの2時間半のガイド付き自転車ツアー
  • ルドルフィヌム、エステート劇場、「ダンシング・ハウス」、マラー・ストラナ地区などの主要名所をいくつかご覧になれます
  • 散策しながら街の歴史について学びましょう




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, 11 2017

The bikes were not comfortable. Seats should have had shocks to compensate for the cobblestone consequently, it was a very jarring ride. Bell to warn pedestrians you were behind them was not placed within easy reach unless you have giant man hands. Could not understand guide because she spoke so fast. I think she was probably knowledgeable but I was disappointed I couldn't understand her. She also made fun of Americans - not in a joking way. Fyi, when you stop at the park for a break, you can go to pub and restroom. Guide said they had lemonade so I got one but it was lemon flavored beer - I don't drink. I think a good guide would have made that distinction.

, 10 2017

Great Tour, our guide Declan found the correct balance of information. It was a great way of orientating your self in Prague and knowing where the sights are. In fact we discovered we had been two minutes from the John Lennon wall the day before without knowing it.My wife and daughter who are fairweather bikers enjoyed the tour. We also got a great recommendation for lunch straight after the tour.

, 10 2017

This tour was exactly what I was looking for! It was interesting and engaging. It gave an overview of all of Prague’s major attractions and allowed us to plan what we wanted to see more in depth. The tour was easy enough for those who are a little out of shape to keep up. Highly recommend!

, 9 2017

This was an amazing tour! Our guide was excellent, knowledgeable, humorous, and patient! Definitely take this tour!! Worth it!!

, 8 2017

Sasha was our guide and it was a nice gent,e bike ride around old and new town giving lots of history and as a bonus helped us with some other places to visit, definitely recommend

, 8 2017

I took the tour on my first day in Prague. What a great way to start a visit in a new place. I was able to see a lot and get lots of information about the city. The your is in small groups and allow many opportunities to take good pictures.
If you like biking I highly recommend this tour.

, 8 2017

Colin was our tour guide and he did an incredible job. We learned so much and were able to take in more than we could have imagined on this tour. The sites were beautiful! Biking through Prague was a huge highlight for me!

, 7 2017

Jim, our guide, was very helpful and knowledgeable. He told us fascinating stories about the various sites that we would have missed completely without this trip. Be prepared for uneven cobblestones, traffic and other riders who don't follow to rules, but other than that we would recommend.

, 7 2017

We were a group of eight, we booked about 5 days in advance, and we had so much fun! We all got to be in the same group, and the tour let us see so much of the city in the short amount of time that we had in Prague. I would recommend that you have biking experience and that you feel comfortable riding near cars and pedestrians, we weren't adequately prepared for how close we would be biking to people on sidewalks and trams. However, it was an amazing experience and I would definitely do a bike tour again!

, 7 2017

Outstanding, fun tour of Prague that truly gives you a great overview of the city highlights and history. Carolina was fantastic!

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+81 6 4560 2975