ラロマナ, カリブ諸島

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10 時間 (平均所要時間)
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プンタカナからのこの10時間のエクスカーションで、スピードボートまたはカタマランでSaona Paradise Islandを訪れてください。オープンバー付きの快適なカタマランに到着してから3時間、島の保護された自然公園を探索してください。ビュッフェスタイルのバーベキューランチを食べ、スピードボートでPunta Canaに戻って、ヒトデで満たされた自然の水泳ホールで止まる。プンタカナのホテルからの往復輸送が含まれています。
  • カタマランに乗ってサオナ島を訪問し、その後スピードボートで戻る
  • ホテルへの無料送迎
  • 伝統的なドミニカスタイルのバーベキューランチを食べ、オープンバーへのアクセスをお楽しみください
  • 有益で親切でプロフェッショナルなガイドから島について学びましょう
  • 見事な天然のプールでリラックスして涼を取ってください




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Cynthia G
, 9 2018

Muy buena excursion aunque estabanos convencidos de q todo el viaje era en catamaran y no solo la vuelta. El viaje de ida en lancha fue bastante rollazo. Por lo demas genial!!!

Sonya B
, 7 2018

The day started at 745 when we were picked up and drove about an hour to a gas station to be transported to another crowded bus which wasnt that big of a deal. Then from there we drove for about another 20 minutes to a rest stop and hung out for 15 minutes which everyone needed a break but everyone was getting a little restless by then. From there about 45 minutes we finally made it to where the boat (which was the catamaran) well once arriving and walking down to the beach we were bombarded with people trying to sell us stuff. A man with iguanas just put them on my son no one asked me or my husband if he could he just did it and once it was over his exact words were

, 5 2018

Excursion on May 12, 2018. By far the worst excursion I have ever been to. We were picked up from our resort and taken to a gas station to pick up other travelers. We were then taken to the marina where we waited over an hour to board a speedboat. While waiting multiple people asked what we were waiting for and we were always told we were waiting for the guide to pay the taxes for us to board the boat. Once on the boat we were served the cheapest version of Dominican rum I have ever had. The open bar was one of the reasons why we picked this excursion and we were very disappointed. When we asked about having beer instead we where told we had to wait until we got to the island. Once we arrived at the island we were told that beer would not be served until the buffet were ready. We were again disappointed with the food provided. Dominicans are known for flavorful foods and this was mediocre to say the least. The beer served was again the cheapest found in the island Brahma. Everyone knows that Presidente is the national Dominican beer and it was nowhere to be found. For those of the travelers that did have the beer it was only in small amounts as they ran out after a few minutes. When we asked the tour guide about getting more beer he said that they had served all they had and if we had concerns to go online and write a review about it. There was minimal customer service as well. I was truly disappointed in this company and their representatives. They did not take responsibility for being deceitful in their advertisement of this excursion. I would not recommend it or book with them again.

Thomas D
, 3 2018

This was my second trip to Punta Cana. I did this excursion to Saona Island last year. It was the best part of my trip. A beautiful beach and the stop at the sandbar for wading and enjoying rum and cokes is great. However, this company was a bit disorganized in loading us on the buses at the initial meeting point and then loading onto the speedboat at the dock. I thought this could have been handled better. I would certainly recommend this as a day trip when in Punta Cana. There are plenty of companies that offer the trip. Shop around for those with the best reviews.

Peter R
, 3 2018

This was the best trip I've ever done! Max the tour guide was so friendly also all the people on the speedboat and catamaran. I especially enjoyed the snorkelling and the amazing beach. I have stopped telling everyone about this trip

, 2 2018

We enjoyed this trip very much. We're a little concerned with some of the reviews talking about the long drive there and the cattle herding of people form vehicle to vehicles. Don't worry about it! This is the most efficient way of getting all the people there from many different hotels. Max is great takes care of everone. Highly recommended!

Belinda G
, 2 2018

The island was great and we enjoyed our trip there on the speed boat. The natural pool was amazing! We wished we had been able to spend more time on the island, but having to take a catamaran back cut down on that time. The catamaran back was a bit full making it a uncomfortable 2.5 hours back.

Athanasios L
, 1 2018

Operator said would pick us up 30-60 mins after 8, they came after 2 hours.
On the return they separated all mini buses according to the hotels, on a field next to the highway with no protection from passing by cars ans full of mosquitoes.
They put us on wrong bus taking us to the hotel very late.

, 1 2018

It was a fun excursion, the Snorkeling we didn't see alot of fish, Our Tour guide was great. Loved the pictures that were taken, wish there was more of a variety of rum...overall great trip!

Antonio P
, 12 2017

Pickup is not allowed at most resorts. We had to walk to the front gate to be picked up. We booked two excursions with viator. We had to walk to the front gate for both. The hotels are telling people the trip is not secured properly with insurance but they sell the same excursions just charge more. This excursion was amazing and the ocean spectacular. Food not great.....but I didn't go for the food

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+81 6 4560 2975