ウォルター ピーク高原牧場でのディナーとクイーンズタウンからのクルーズ

OTA, ニュージーランド

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4 時間 (平均所要時間)
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  • ウォルターピークグルメバーベキューディナーとワカティプ湖クルーズ
  • クィーンズタウンから1912年ヴィンテージスチーマー、TSS「アーンスロー」に乗船
  • 多肉ロースト肉とシーフードのグルメバーベキュービュッフェディナーをお楽しみください
  • 船長と農場の実演家による解説を聞く
専属のピアニストが演奏するメロウな音楽に耳を傾け、肌寒い夜にはたき火の周りの心地良い雰囲気の中でリラックスしましょう。ディナーの後は、TSSアーンスロー号でクイーンズタウンに戻る前に、シープドッグ・ショーや羊の毛刈りの実演を見に牧場のウォーキングツアーに参加するか、残ってドリンク — バーでご購入いただけます — を飲んでお寛ぎください。




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, 5 2019

We boarded a 100 plus year steamship for a cruise down one of the most beautiful lakes we have ever been on. During the ship voyage we were entertained by a live piano player and were able to sample more of New Zealand’s wonderful wines. On arrival at High Country Farm we were greeted by a very friendly staff who got us seated and a drink order taken taken in a very short period of time. We were then invited to go up and sample what the buffet had to offer. Everything was nicely prepared, very tasteful and plentiful. Meats, seafood, salads, bread, and lots of desserts. The staff obviously were experienced and ready to serve a large group. After dinner we were escorted to an outdoor amphitheater where we were treated to a sheep shearing demonstration and then had the pleasure to watch two sheep dogs at work. It was quite interesting watching the dogs search out and herd a small flock of sheep in a back meadow. The Meadow was lighted so we had no trouble seeing everything unfold. After the show everyone returned to the steamship for the trip back to Queenstown wharf. The Piano tried to lead a sing along that was unfortunately not very entertaining due to the antiquated music selections. Maybe doing this with music from the 60’s and 70’s might have created more interest. All in all a great evening, well organized and a good pace to events. The evening certainly merits a four rating.

JoAnn H
, 3 2019

I would highly recommend this trip for all ages! Steamship was awesome! Food was plentiful and delicious! Best creme brûlée! Sheep shearing was very good and entertaining!

Maria R
, 11 2018

Great food, cruise and demonstration. Actually saw a sheep sheared! The food was plentiful and delicious...had everything you could have ever wanted and more on the buffet.

Barbara S
, 4 2018

It was absolutely bucketing down when we took this tour! However the ferry ride on the steamer to the farm was warm and cozy and we enjoyed a glass of wine. It looked like the gardens at the farm were beautiful but we obviously didn't linger outside. The dinner was fantastic - a huge variety of wonderful food and I am sure no-one left hungry. The sheep shearing was interesting and we enjoyed hearing about raising sheep and a little bit about farm life. We are glad we took this tour despite the weather.

CraigandSharon M
, 3 2018

Awesome night. Great food and surroundings. The cruise across the lake was breath-taking.

, 2 2018

what a great experience. the steam boat ride out there was so cool and the scenery, you can't beat that. The buffet was excellent with everything you could ever imagine for choices. The sheep shearing was fun to watch too.

David L
, 2 2018

great cruise and meal.

Roy H
, 2 2018

It's an interesting boat-ride. Pulls up in front of the farm. About 15 minutes later, the door opens and you can find a seat. Plenty of food. My only complaint is that it got back to the harbor point about two minutes after the boat-shuttle left for hotel across the bay. So I waited an hour for the next shuttle-boat.

Geoffrey B
, 2 2018

Not really Gourmet but it was ok as barbecues go. It was as well organised as it could be for such large numbers all arriving at the same time by boat. There are plenty of tables for two available. Drinks are a bit expensive. Guests on our trip were mostly Chinese. The boat TSS Earnslaw is a magnificent twin screw steamer and was the highlight of the evening. You can view the engine room from above and watch the stokers piling on the coal. Upstairs in the lounge a pianist plays a grand piano on the trip back to Queenstown and there is a song sheet to follow for those who wish to join in.

David R
, 1 2018

Very nice end to the day. Nice cruise on the beautiful lake - in style. Very nice dinner - meats exceptional. Interesting short show by the farmer of shearing and sheep dogs herding then home again. Sing-a-long on the way home if you wanted to join in. We would do again and highly recommend.


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+81 6 4560 2975