Salzburg, オーストリア

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4 時間 (平均所要時間)
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  •  Obersalzberg上のバイエルンアルプスのガイド付き午後ツアー
  • ヒトラーの山の化合物の遺跡であるイーグルズ・ネストを垣間見る
  • エコーレイク(Konigsee)を散策
  • ベルヒテスガーデン村訪問
あなたの指導者と中央ザルツブルクの小さなグループとあなたのコーチに乗ってホップ。 Obersalzbergの山の複合施設への登りを開始すると、オーストリアの谷と農地を通る風光明媚なドライブでリラックスできます。イーグルズ・ネスト(Eagle's Nest)と呼ばれるヒトラーの旧住居遺跡を垣間見るために一時停止する。あなたのガイドからサイトの歴史について学ぶと、ピークの素晴らしいパノラマの景色を満喫してください。
山々に囲まれたケーニッヒ湖(Königssee)、またはキングス湖(King's Lake)に沿って進みます。写真を撮るのに十分な時間をかけて、湖に沿って絵を描く散歩を楽しみましょう。



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, 9 2018
Assigned time in the Kongisee Lake very limited...could not see the beauty of the lake at all, could not see the famous church. Spent a lot of time dropping people to the Salt Mine and picking up another group. Not a trip that i expect.
Marvellous but did not take us to...
Kaushik D
, 6 2018
Marvellous but did not take us to the Eagle's nest as it was closed that time. Very knowledgable but slightly rude guide.
This was also worth a visit the tour...
, 9 2017
This was also worth a visit the tour guide was also nice and we had very nice time
Time that tour agency gives for...
, 9 2017
Time that tour agency gives for Königsee lake was so short. It was nonsense to go to Königsee for that much short time. It was a waste of time and money for us.
, 8 2017
ABSOLUTE WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY AND ENERGY. If you take this tour from Vienna or Budapest you have to put up a one full day for this tour and it is absolutely not worth it. The tour guide will drop you at the parking of Königssee King's Lake and will give you about 70-80 mins to spend some time near the lake which is surrounded by mountains and has few restaurants and boating options but everything is over crowded. There is a shopping street from parking till the lake but it just have souvenirs which are expensive. Spot the historic Eagles Nest this one is utterly stupid, while you are on the bus you will be asked to look out for a house which is called eagle's nest. In the end they will give you 30-40 odd mins for refreshment time in a small village to eat or drink. I will not recommend any one to take this tour as it is of no use and the amount they are charging for this stupid tour is ridiculous.
Thoroughly enjoyed it. Our driver...
Cheryl B
, 5 2017
Thoroughly enjoyed it. Our driver and guide provided us with lots of information as we went along, pointing out interesting and historical sites. The weather on the day was not the best but did not take away from the beautiful scenery. A good tour.
Overall this was an amazing tour...
, 5 2017
Overall this was an amazing tour which covered quite a bit considering the 4-hours time limit. The time limit was perfect for me as I sadly had only 1 day in Salzburg and it allowed me to fit this in after the sound of music tour. Once again this is almost a taster session to visit the Bavarian alps and definitely worth doing to get a general feel of the area. The main stop in the trip was Lake Konigsee and many of us did 20 min the hike around the lake to get the amazing views bus to the lake was another 7-10 min. it might take more time with prams which many of them had or for if you generally walk at a slower pace. it also had plenty of tourist shops and little cafe's and icecream shops around , however that isnt where we stopped for tea. It definitely would have been better if we had stopped in a similar place for coffee/tea/snack/dinner rather than where we stopped on the touch, which was just a small town center and didn't have any views or anything around to do. Additionally , with regard to Eagle's net while we were told we could take pictures of it from the bus , it would have been great of there had been at least a couple of minutes stop to photo stop to actually get down from the bus and take a proper photos of it . Castle Hellbrunn - when it is said that see Castle Hellbrunn in the description, its just that you don't actually get to properly see around it or inside it, even briefly say 15-20 min . it would have been great to see at-least the grounds to get some pics and get a general feel of the castle. This is where the gazebo of sound of music is. It must be mentioned that Walter had a wealth of knowledge about the areas and was a great guide. its definitely worth a trip to get the general feel of the are with magnificent views of the lakes and the mountains.
Our guide Walter was fantastic and...
Marion F
, 4 2017
Our guide Walter was fantastic and kept everyone amused on the way to the Salt Mines, Konigssee and Berchgarden. We did not go to the salt mines and spent over an hour at the lake at konigssee which was delightful except for all the souvenir shops to get to the lake! Berchgarden was a lovely little village with easy walking and view of the mountains. On the way Walter pointed out where Eagles Nest Hitlers retreat that was never used was so you could see if from a distance. To get to it you must be there after May as the road is snowed in and there is no access before then.
This was a very enjoyable half day...
Andrew M
, 1 2017
This was a very enjoyable half day trip crossing into Germany - no passport required as there was no border control! Our trip was focused on visiting Konigsee Lake where we spent around an hour This was enough time to walk to a view point recommended by our guide to see the lake clearly We also spent time in Berchtesgaten but unfortunately it was dark when we got there so the views from the town were not visible. I would suggest that if possible this tour could start earlier in winter so it is still day light when getting to Berchtesgaten Our guide Walter was very informative although some of his jokes we had heard on our other trip
We really enjoyed this 4-hour day...
Leanne F
, 1 2017
We really enjoyed this 4-hour day trip. It was great to get out into the countryside and the route was beautifully scenic. Our stroll around the King's Lake Königssee was the highlight. Both the guide and driver were very professional and full of knowledge. We also enjoyed getting something to eat at the Christmas markets in Berchtesgaden. It is a great way to spend an afternoon and good value for money too.


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