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北朝鮮と韓国を分断する軍事境界線の一帯を訪れて、朝鮮の動乱の歴史を体感してみませんか? 快適なバスで移動しながら、冷戦と朝鮮戦争においてこの地域が果たした役割や、現在のような分断と統一の象徴的存在となった経緯について学び、興味深い歴史の一側面に思いをはせて下さい。 訪問地は、臨津閣、自由の橋、第3南侵トンネル、DMZ展示場などです。




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, 4 2019

The tour had a mix reaction from my family. Although there are a lot of attractions included in the tour, it can feel a little bit rushed given that most of it should be done by noon.

The cherry on top of this tour is the knowledgable tourist guide who gave us a lot of stories while on the road.
Imjingak Park/Freedom Bridge: Our trip here was too fast. You have to quickly jump off the bus and take pictures. You won't really have time to feel the culture or history.
Third Infiltration Tunnel and the DMZ Museum: We spent most of our time here. Going through the museum and the tunnel was a unique experience. The main star of the tour.
Dora Observatory: You can drop coins into the binoculars and look at some North Korean buildings.
Lunch: Not so good. We were given three options and we were asked to choose. We tried all since our group were three and it wasn't really that good. It filled us up though.

, 7 2018

It was great in that we got picked up at our hotel and brought to several different sites along the way. What really upset us though was that we felt rushed and all the sites. Especially at Dora Observatory. We were only given 20 minutes, 12 of which were consumed by a video. The worst part was that while we were only given 20 minutes at the observatory, we spent nearly 45 at the tourist trap ginseng factory that wasnt listed on the tours itinerary making our drop off time much later than it should have been as a morning tour turned into an all day thing.

, 7 2018

Great tour and very informative! Really learned a lot.

Janne P
, 5 2018

Schedual is very tight and should have more time in some attractions. Our guide Gemma was super and had a good knowleadge about Korean history and visited attractions.

Robert C
, 4 2018

The tour was perfectly organized, everything was very precise and on time. We've got all official and non-official information about DMZ. Strongly recommended for everyone who is interesting in the earliest history.

Jennifer M
, 4 2018

The DMZ tour was great, our guide, Sonya, was informative and interesting. I was interesting to learn about the history of the DMZ and be able to go into one of the tunnels, as well as an observatory. The tour itself is worth 4 stars.

HOWEVER, what the description does not tell you is that you will be forced to stop at a Ginseng store on the way back to Seoul, and forced to listen to a sales pitch to buy ginseng. This was not what i signed up for and I will be more cautious in the future to read more reviews.

, 4 2018

We loved this tour, even with the obligatory overpriced shopping stops, which are easy to ignore. You get to see the infamous DMZ and see views from high above the border and into North Korea. One of their fake cities is even visible. Be sure to take the option and walk all the way down the access tunnel dug under the border. It is an enlightening experience.

Lynne M
, 4 2018

Our DMZ tour was one of the highlights of our trip to South Korea. So moving and gives a great insight into the political situations past and present. The new railway station awaiting the day of reunification is heart wrenching and wouldn't it be wonderful to see it in use during our lifetime!! The tour was sometimes a little rushed but it needed to be to fit everything in. We were very disappointed though that the JSA was not able to be visited during the time we were in Seoul. Our guide was very knowledgeable and happily answered our questions. Passage into the 3rd infiltration tunnel was great for those of us old fogies who were able to manage it. Be aware that it has a very steep entry and a very steep exit. My 72 year old husband with mobility issues was able to complete it quite comfortably and says it was one of his best experiences. I can highly recommend this trip to all.

, 3 2018

Our tour guide was very funny and gave us lots of great information about Korean history as well as present-day culture.

Karen B
, 3 2018

I think the DMZ tour was very good, very informative. We were able to see a lot, I wish we had a little more time at each stop. At the beginning on the bus, our guide was interuppted 3 times with phones calls while giving a brief history of Korea, this was distrating to the information. She was overall very pleasant.


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