ソウル, 韓国

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8 時間 (平均所要時間)
使用言語: 英語


知識豊富なガイドと行く1日ツアーで、ソウルの観光名所を巡りましょう。本ツアーのハイライトには、曹渓寺、青瓦台、光化門での王宮守門将の交代式、景福宮とユネスコ世界遺産に登録された昌徳宮の観光が含まれています。韓国国立民俗博物館、骨董品街である仁寺洞、南大門、および南大門市場で伝統的文化を体験しましょう。 昼食、入場料、ホテル送迎サービスが含まれます。
  • 景福宮と昌徳宮のソウル一日ツアー
  • 仁寺洞アンティークストリートと南大門市場で伝統的なお店やグッズを見る
  • 2つの王宮を訪問するときに朝鮮時代について学ぶ
  • 昼食、すべての入場料、ガイド、ホテルへの送迎
ソウル市内のホテルで送迎サービスを受けた後、快適な車で曹渓寺へ向かいます。 鍾路区のにぎやかな通りに位置しているにもかかわらず、静かで絵のように美しいこの仏教寺院では、色鮮やかな装飾と大きな金色の仏像を見ることができます。 
高麗人参センターに立ち寄った後、韓国料理の昼食をお楽しみください。 午後、ユネスコ世界遺産に登録された昌徳宮を観光し、骨董品街の仁寺洞を巡ります。仁寺洞では、韓国の茶屋に入ったり、骨董店を見て回り、韓国の伝統的文化を体験しましょう。




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, 5 2019

Small group tour. Unfortunately the weather wasn't kind for our day tour but got to see all thevsceduked sights

Nicholas D
, 5 2019

Jake was our guide, and we were lucky enough to be the only 2 participants. He ensured we had a great experience, and tailored the day to us and our interests.

Howard G
, 4 2019

The tour was good. Our guide, Jake, was well informed. However, once he was through with his spiel, there was silence. The conversation was between the quests and not the guide and the guest. We felt rushed during lunch so that we could get to Insadong-gil St and the shopping. Overall, the tour was informative and well worth the value paid.

Duncan H
, 3 2019

Where to start? Excellent communication from the outset! Within an hour of booking we received an e-mail telling us what time we would be picked up from our hotel reception. A day before the trip, we received an e-mail reconfirming the pick up time and advising the name of our guide and the registration number and type of vehicle that would be picking us up.
Our guide arrived at the hotel early and we soon discovered that we were the only two booked on the trip. So we had our own private driver and guide.
The tour itself was well timed with a good cross-section of sites to see plus ideal timings for the changing of the guide ceremony. Peter, our guide was most accommodating and when he realised that we liked to spend much of our time photographing, he adjusted the pace of tour accordingly.
The tour included a visit to a gingseng centre but as we had been there the day before (as part of the DMZ trip) he did not force us to make another visit and gave us extra time to tour.

The included lunch was in a local Korean restaurant. We could choose from a number of different dishes and both my meal and my partners were delicious.

This was an incredibly enjoyable experience, great value and excellently guided. It really maked us to make the most of our four days in Korea. A highly recommended tour.

Elina V
, 12 2017

We had a great time with our tour guide Erica Kim, the tour began early in the morning with our tour guide starting the tour off right by being really friendly. It was clear that Erica knew a ton about Korean culture and history as she answered all of our questions very easily. She also provided cool little facts about South Korea that stuck with us. This tour really encompasses it all by visiting both of the major palaces in South Korea Gyeongbokgung and Changdeokgung Palace and you learn about the history of royal families. It's worth pointing out the lunch in a small local restaurant in Insadong Alley was really delicious too!

Juliana L
, 10 2017

Tour was informative and at the right pace. Guide was very good and personal.

candy c
, 9 2017

A relax and enjoyable tour! Thanks to Erika who was so patient and kind to my mother who was unable to walk fast. She knows where to bring us to shop and eat for the best. Highly recommended..

Willi H
, 9 2017

The tour was ok.The ability of the English language of our guide was ok,too.As we have lived in Koreana Hotel, we could have visited all he sights on foot from our hotel and so saved a lot of money.Anyway, no complaints, everything was fine.

Bertha P
, 8 2017

Our tour to the Royal Palaces and the DMZ tour were both great. Our tour guide, Erica Kim, did a great job. She has a lot of knowledge and is very nice!

Erna from Holland Bertha P

Arsenio C. A
, 8 2017

Highly recommended tour especially for first time tourist of Seoul!
Our guide, Judy, is knowledgeable and friendly.
Our tour experience was worth the money and time we spent.


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+81 6 4560 2975