ソウル, 韓国

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7 時間 (平均所要時間)
使用言語: 英語


午後のソウルウォーキングツアーで、韓国の首都でトップのアトラクションを発見。ガイド付きの徳寿宮で、韓国の伝統建築を鑑賞しましょう。宮殿内を探索したり、ソウルの高層スカイラインのパノラマの景色を楽しめます。穏やかなJeongdong-gilを通ってDeoksugung Palaceへ行き、賑やかなソウルの静かな面を体験してください。景福宮を訪れ、日本の占領下で起こった変化について学びましょう。ソウル歴史博物館で、朝鮮時代から現代までのソウルの複雑な過去を学んでください。伝統的な韓国の公演を見ながら、JeongDong劇場であなたのツアーを終えましょう。
  • 有益な、フレンドリーでプロフェッショナルなガイド
  • 中心部にあるミーティングポイントからのピックアップ
  • 街の素晴らしい概観と方向
  • すべての入場料が含まれています
  • ウォーキングツアーで雰囲気を満喫
  • 歴史ツアーに時間をさかのぼる




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Yufang L
, 3 2018

Arranging for tour in Seoul was tough as single person, as most tour requires 2 to register. However, I was able to book for this trip as a single, and was surprised to find the tour ran with only one person. My guide Ben was patient, very knowledgeable, and I got a great overview of Korean's history and culture. Wonderful in depth culture visit, highly recommended.

Laura G
, 1 2018

I only had a day in Seoul and booked this tour since it was one of the few that allowed booking for just one person. I was so pleasantly surprised by the tour! Ben was extremely knowledgeable and caring. It was pouring rain the day of the tour, but he still covered all the spots and had so much to share about each place. I learned a lot about Korean history and culture. Highly recommended!

, 10 2017

I was lucky enough to have Ben Kim as my guide for two tours during my trip. He was once again very knowledgeable about Korea and its rich culture and history. The way he set up the tour was organized and fantastic. He provided a wealth of information at the onset of the tour as we were in the city hall building, overlooking the area in which we would be walking. This context and background allowed us to better understand the interesting details he provided along the way. Ben has an obvious passion for Korea which made his tours very enjoyable. The pace of the tour was perfect... we were able to take pictures and fully appreciate the sites, even having some time to just sit and enjoy the surroundings. I highly recommend this tour with Ben!

Michael A
, 7 2017

The tour was very good. Ben was caring and kind. We learned great deal about Korea and Seoul. Recommend this tour.

Jochen S
, 5 2017

I joined this walking tour in May 2017. Ben was my tour guide - I happened to be the only participant. The tour was very diverse, combining a short visit to a museum to see a large-scale model of Seoul with lots of sightseeing outside. Ben was very knowledgeable and friendly.

Owenita E
, 12 2016

We booked this tour and another tour in the afternoon Namsan Mountain and Myeongdong Walking Tour, requesting for Ben Kim. We spent all day with Ben, as these tours became a private tour for my husband and myself. We changed our itinerary and went to places we wanted to go and to places that Ben recommended. We learned Seoul's history in depth as Ben is very knowledgeable. We had morning coffee at the Old Seoul City Hall and had a panoramic view of Seoul and Deoksugung Palace. We had lunch at Seoul Museum of History and Patbingsu dessert at one of the coffee shops. We went to Jongmyo Shrine and Gwangjang Market which weren't part of the itinerary. Then we started with our afternoon tour and took the bus to Namsan Cable Car Station before going up to N Seoul Tower. We had fun with this tour and we highly recommend this tour with Ben Kim.

Rodolfo C
, 12 2015

A truly enjoyable visit to important places that help understand Seoul's culture and
tradition. It left me so impressed that I hope to visit Seoul again in the near future to take more
tours and visits in and around the country. All my questions were answered in a detailed, informative
way by guide Ben Kim, showing a sensitive expertise. First rate, and an excellent tour indeed.

James H
, 10 2015

Seoul Morning Walking Tour - Deoksugung Palace, Jeongdong-gil and the Seoul Museum of History

This is an excellent tour that begins by walking through the Daehanmun Gate into Deoksugung Palace, maintaining its historical presence among the modern-day buildings of Seoul. Once inside, you will see Junghwajeon, the main throne hall at Deoksugung Palace, and Gwangmyeongmun Gate, once the south gate at Deoksugung Palace, that contains a water clock a true engineering marvel at the time of its construction, a hanging bronze bell from 1462, and a rocket cannon. Also located within the palace grounds is Seokjojeon Hall, a Western-style building constructed in 1910, which is very unique compared to the traditional architecture of the palaces.

Jeongdong-gil runs along the stone wall of Deoksugung Palace and flanked by numerous historical buildings, and embassy row, leading to an extra stop at the Sungjeongmun Gate at Gyeonghuigung Palace, and then the Seoul Museum of History. Most impressive was the City Model Image Hall consisting of a 1:1,500 scale model of Seoul and the surrounding area.

Nearby is the statue of King Sejong the Great, the fourth King of the Joseon Dynasty. A golden statue of him is located on Gwanghwamun Square in downtown Seoul. Additional exhibits are located in the lower levels of Gwanghwamun Square that tell the story of his introduction of Hangul, the native phonetic alphabet system for the Korean language. There is also, a 4-D movie visual, air, water and moving chairs about Admiral Yi Sunshin, a Korean naval commander who created the Turtle Ship and is honored for his victories against the Japanese navy. My tour guide, Ben, provided an excellent historical overview, and assisted me with writing my name on a scroll as a souvenir using traditional Korean calligraphy. All admission fees were covered by cost of the tour.

These half-day tours are ideal if you are visiting Seoul for the first time.

Patricia T
, 5 2015

This tour is one of my favorites so far in Seoul thanks to having such a knowledgable tour guide to provide a truly informative and enjoyable walk around the palace grounds and at the museum. I highly recommend using Ben Kim at Korea Linx for this tour.


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