Red Busesストックホルム乗り降り自由バス&ボート

ストックホルム, スウェーデン

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1~3日間 (平均所要時間)
使用言語: 日本語 他10件


  • 陸と海からのストックホルムの最も重要な観光スポットを見てみましょう。
  • バスまたはボートで、いくつかまたはすべての停留所で下車します。
  • 機内に留まり、10の異なる言語で提供される音声解説を聴くことを選択
  • 24時間有効なチケットをフルに活用する



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Nikki R
, 4 2019

The red bus sightseeing tour was good and I was glad the buses were covered and heated as it was cold. The only begative, but quite a big negative is not being able to find the hop on hop off bus stops easily. It needs to be made clearer on the maps EXACTLY where they are . I wasted a lot of time looking for the stops and I saw others doing the same

Nowal H
, 10 2018

My mother and I usually do a hop on hop off tour when we travel throughout Europe as she has difficulty in walking long distance. Also, this is the ideal way of seeing the highlights of a city without having to figure out the local transportation. The only complaint was the wait on first stop for those that had to purchase their tickets. It is a convenient and economical way to see everything on your wish list.

, 9 2018

We arrived on a cruise ship and when we went to get on the bus at the crusie ship terminal they told us we needed to buy another pass (we were unaware of this) to get from the cruise ship to Stockholm but they couldn't take our money because of an arrangement with the cruise ship. So we would have been out of luck or had to take a taxi for $150 to get to Stockholm. We argued our way on to the bus and it was the same on the return trip - had to argue to get a ride and not be abandoned in Stockholm. In Stockholm there were not enough buses with huge lines waiting at each stop. The Boat to ride was short and just toured around the small bay. The Canal and Bridges water tour would have been a better choice but we did not know about it as an option.

Larry L
, 8 2018

It was our first time to Stockholm. We were on a cruise ship. This is the way to go. HoHo will take you to the major attractions and on a nice day the boat is the way to go. You will be able to navigate the city, see the sights and you will get back to the ship on time.

David S
, 7 2018

Was really surprised when we got off ship at Nynashamn and showed our Viator voucher and told I did not have to pay anything else to get to Stockholm. Took 45 minutes to get to Stockholm but they had 4 buses at port ready to pick up passengers. They started bringing us back earlier than the initial suggested time of 4PM (actually was before 3PM) The boat tour was fun and nice views of city and bus routes took you to many of major attractions. Many on first bus rode it over to ABBA museum and were able to have tour without much wait. Bus tour is on Red Buses.

, 7 2018

This was ok. Bus pick up right at cruise pier. Had trouble finding boat dock after museum visit . Boat ride not narrated but interesting. .touring on our own was fine as we took in the square with lunch, shopping etc

Laura S
, 7 2018

The bus and boat go to the big spots. There is very little commentary on the headsets. The employees will not answer questions fully or at all. Even basic questions like is this bus going to make any other stops, are you driving to the extra ship stops, where is the closest stop. The other company goes to the same places and may have better customer service. I don’t know.

Julius H
, 4 2018

Everything is great for the bus and boat hop-on hop-off, however during summer time the service was too short, only until 5pm. We could still have much time to see the city until 8pm before sunset but we did not take the hop on hop off any longer.

Darwyn H
, 1 2018

Lovely City but lack of attention to detail when boarding for river cruise. Had to wait for long period of time, Hop on hop off bus was great and all in all we had an enjoyable time

, 12 2017

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