Stockholms län, スウェーデン

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4 時間 (平均所要時間)
使用言語: 英語


魅惑的な首都、ストックホルムからの半日ツアーで、スウェーデンの魅力的なバイキング遺産を探索してください。熟練したガイドで国の豊かな歴史の謎を発見し、深い文化的興味のあるサイトを訪れてください。 Täbyで古代のルーンストーンの石のコレクションを見て、Granbyで古代の碑文を解読してください。このツアーには、ホテルからの便利な往復交通機関が含まれています。
  • ストックホルムからの半日バイキングと中世スウェーデン歴史旅行
  • 一連の史跡でスウェーデンの魅力的なバイキングと中世の過去を発見する
  • 古いバイキングの議会を見て、バイキングの道を見るためにタビーを訪れてください
  • グランビーでスウェーデン最大の彫像石を賞賛
  • スウェーデンの田舎の絵葉書を旅してみましょう
中心部に位置するストックホルムのホテルから、快適なミニバンで出発し、スウェーデンの美しい自然の広がりに北のベンチャー。 Jarlabankersの仲間として知られているバイキングの古代の村のあるTäbyの拳を止めてください。古代の石の周りを散歩し、あなたの知識豊富なガイドからバイキングの議会の場所がどのようになったのか聞いてください。
次に、美しいVallentuna地方を通って、400年紀元前までの古いViking決済Granbyに向かいます。石造り石の上にあるスウェーデン最長の碑文であるGranbyhällenの謎を解読し、Orkesta(Orkesta Kyrka)の魅力的な中世の教会で、壮大な石や美しい12世紀のフレスコ画を観察する。



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What Happened Earlier
John F
, 5 2019
An informative introduction to reading ancient Rune Stones. Angus read the inscriptions on a number of stones and showed how the writing is laid out. We saw several Viking sites including a meeting place, a farmstead, and a causeway. It was a treat to go into the countryside north of Stockholm. We had a “fika” at a farmhouse near several of the Viking sites; people have lived in this area for thousands of years
Our guide was very nice and...
Kristine C
, 5 2018
Our guide was very nice and knowledgeable. We stopped at various spots to see old runes. We also made a stop at a wonderful farm, where we were given delicious homemade rhubarb pie and coffee. The trip concludes in Sig Tuna, before heading back to Stockholm. It's a great 1/2 day trip out of Stockholm to learn some history, see old runes, and hear about the Vikings.
Really awesome tour...very informative...
Daniel B
, 4 2018
Really awesome tour...very informative. Would do again!
Disappointing. Although the driver...
Prudence R
, 3 2018
Disappointing. Although the driver and guide were nice people. The guide's explanations of the history were confusing and his English could be better. We were crammed into a hot mini bus. Best part of the day was a lovely Swedish lunch in an old house and the drive through the snow covered villages at the end of the tour. The tour promoted Sigtuna - a walk in the town etc, but that didn't even happen! Pity - I was looking forward to visiting Sigtuna the most.
ホストからの返信 , 3 2018
TOUR OPERATOR COMMENT: Thank you for your feedback. Regrettably, we had to make a change to the scheduled itinerary due to extreme weather and snow on the date of this tour. This resulted in not being able to drive to Sigtuna given the weather and distance. We apologize this affected your overall enjoyment of the tour and hope you were still able to enjoy your remaining time in Stockholm.
Truly wonderful. I had a splendid...
John T
, 1 2018
Truly wonderful. I had a splendid time taking this half-day tour while in Stockholm. It was limited to a tiny group of people and our guide, who was friendly, pleasant, and incredible knowledgeable, led us to many of the most fascinating and beautiful Viking sights. I probably would not have had a chance to visit these ruins and sights in person otherwise. Highly recommended.
This was a great tour to get around...
Amanda C
, 1 2018
This was a great tour to get around the different sites to learn about Viking history. Despite the weather being rainy and cold, it was a great trip and would highly recommend!
Amazing tour! Just beware many of the...
, 12 2017
Amazing tour! Just beware many of the stops are muddy during the rainy season!
Could be better if the guide knew...
, 11 2017
Could be better if the guide knew more history and explain everything that happened around. We felt like hiring a chofer. Too bad because there are a lot of things to tell about the area. Sigtuna is a beautiful little town to visit longer, we know it was cold but he only took us to the beautiful church, we only saw the old rock church but he did not give us more info, the smallest city hall in Sweden and the tourist info center. The guide did not cover our expectations eventhough the area is nice, thanks God we had a written guide to know more about all around.
This tour in my opinion was worth...
, 11 2017
This tour in my opinion was worth taking, just don't expect too much as there was really nothing spectacular about the places we've visited except the history itself. The tour guide I forgot his name was devoted to the retelling of the history/facts but we were not given enough time on our own to take photos and enjoy each sight. I actually had to sneak away silently while he was talking just so I could take photos before we'd leave every place! :o
So cool, Too bad he had so few...
Alyson V
, 11 2017
So cool, Too bad he had so few things about the Vikings there, he wanted to see a lot more, very much. The guide is a very nice gentleman and the organization was pretty cool too, the transportation excellent.


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