Taipei, 台湾

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9時間 (平均所要時間)
使用言語: 英語 他1件


  • 九份、野柳地質公園、十分を巡る台北発の日帰りツアー
  • 台湾の見事な自然景観や、歴史と文化にあふれた観光名所を見学できます
  • ツアーに同行する知識豊富なガイドが、行く先々で観光名所について詳しい解説を行います
  • 8人以下の少人数制ツアーで、よりプライベートな体験を楽しめます
  • 定番の観光名所を巡りますので、初めて訪れる方にぴったりです
  • ホテルまたは鉄道駅からの送迎が含まれています
  • 標準中国語または英語を話すガイドから選べます



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, 3 2019

The tour guide Mr. Fang is very enthusiastic. He is the driver and also briefing explained the story of each spot he brought us. He also brought us to some spots which are not in the schedule. We see more than we expected.

, 1 2019

It was awesome trip to natural places with nice toure guide and group. I strongly recommend this tour.

, 1 2019

The weather wasn't on outside on that day. So didn't get to enjoy anything. Nevertheless the driver Mr Chang was helpful throughout our journey.

, 12 2018

The tour covered a lot of ground. The waterfall was magnificent as was the yehliu geopark. The hot spring was another highlight . The weather was pretty wet though.

, 12 2018

The tour was good, the problem was with the other people on the tour. They were late coming back to the tour bus every time. At one point 15 minutes, the driver should have left. Especially when they kept my wife and I waiting. Jiufen was way to crowded, it was impossible to walk there, unless you like moving like a turtle skip it, its mostly shops

, 9 2018

Worth it. Our driver Leo as guide was amazing! Wear comfortable shoes and bring hats or umbrellas and extra shirt.

, 7 2018

This was our first tour in Taipei and loved it! First, the driver picked us up on time at the hotel along with two other families. He took us to the Yehliu Geopark, the lanterns, and a few other places that i couldn't remember on top of my head. There were alot of people at Yehliu Geopark and was very hot. After we went over to buy some fruits and drinks at the local shops. My favorite part of this trip was the lanterns in Shifen town. Jiufen town was a shopping town. Great place to buy souvenirs and tea. Our driver was very nice and friendly. He took pictures for us and explained us things each places we at. Thank you. Highly recommend this tour.

, 3 2018

Excellent way to go visit these highlights... plenty of time to see the sights too..

, 3 2018

Great experience at the Sky Lantern DIY, letting your dreams and prayers go up as the lanterns flew up in the Sky. Jiufen was great for shops and food to eat but it was tiring walking up and down so many steps. Yehliu Geopark is a spot not to be missed as it has the natural wonders of various shaped rocks Queen's head, the most famous of it all. The trips to two waterfalls was an added tour destination. however, our drive/guide does not speak English well so this trip could have been more informative if a well versed tourist driver is assigned for all those taking these trips. This was supposed to be part of the package.

, 3 2018

Tour guide is nice and helpful. It was a small group of seven people when I joined, all well traveled so it was a fun atmosphere. Interesting tour.

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+81 6 4560 2975