Shinjuku, 日本

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3時間 (平均所要時間)
使用言語: 英語


この東京の3時間の 懐石料理 (高級料理)クッキングクラスで、日本料理の知識を深め、料理のスキルを向上させましょう。最大8名の少人数の教室です。和牛や日本の野菜、伝統的な調味料を使った8種類の料理を作ります。料理後はお酒や緑茶と一緒に作った料理をお召し上がりになれます。
  • 東京での懐石料理(高級料理)の3時間の料理教室
  • 実際に日本料理を作ることができるので、日本料理が大好きな方に最適です
  • 最大8品を調理し、和牛などの郷土料理を試すことができます。
  • 完成したお料理を味わいながら、お酒や緑茶をお楽しみください
  • 最大8名様までの少人数グループツアー




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, 3 2019

We thoroughly enjoyed our cooking class. Creating a five course traditional Japanese meal seemed like quite an undertaking though our instructors made it effortless. They were so patient in explaining many Japanese ingredients, cooking techniques and traditions. From soup, to Japanese omelets, Wagu sukiyaki, vegetables, rice and mochi. All of the ingredients were fresh, tasty and the class well organized. I’d highly recommend this class to anyone interested in learning the ways of Japanese cuisine. A real delight.

, 4 2018

I never write reviews, however, I had to come on and sing the praises of Aya S and the amazing cooking class we had at Cooking Sun. We happened to come on a day with a small group so it ended 45 minutes early, which was really nice to have more time for the day! Aya S. was a fantastic chef. She was professional, informative, friendly, and fun! She explained each dish and ingredients well even how some ingredients varied in different regions of Japan. It was truly an authentic cuisine experience. My Japanese tour guide was with me and these were dishes she eats on a regular basis. I was so pleased and excited to make these dishes back home, that I went out after the class and purchased a Japanese omelet pan and the ridged mortar and pestal bowl used to grind the sesame seeds for one dish. I love them both! The dishes were all delicious. It was a great way to start my trip to Tokyo and I would highly recommend it to everyone!

, 2 2018

This was my first cooking class ever and it was especially interesting because l love Japanese food but thought it was too hard to make myself with zero experience in making it. The staff were super nice and helpful and the class was small so everything went smoothly and we could get help if we needed it. I would highly recommend if you love to cook, or eat food, or like anything Japanese. It's an authentic experience and a must try!

, 1 2018

Cooking Sun was perfect, we has such a fun group and an amazing time. The instructions were very easy to follow and the food was delicious! I wish we would have taken the class earlier in our trip as we also learned about Japanese culture and etiquette. If you have a morning to spare and want to be able to take some of Tokyo cooking home with you then take this class, you won't regret it!

, 1 2018

When I have time I love to cook, and learning how to cook authentic Japanese food was one of the highlights of our trip. Not only is Japanese culture so intriguing, but their food is my absolute favorite, I could eat it everyday. Weve been home for a few days now and Ive been cooking Japanese food since!

The class was a short walk from the train station in a nice neighborhood area. The cooking studio is gorgeous, with all the items necessary. We removed our shoes before we came in, and they gave us nice house slippers to wear.

The lesson was more simple than I expected and recipes were very do-a-ble. I made all the recipes when I got home. Everything was very flavorful. Showing how the food items look before it was prepared helps too, so that when I went to the store I knew what to look for.

The instructors were very welcoming, kind and helpful. I love that they taught us some Japanese words also. I was happy I got to purchase some items at the studio as well. I would recommend this experience and next time Id love to take the sushi class!

, 1 2018

This activity was really one of the highlights of our trip the host's introduction to Japanese food and kaseiki-style cooking was fun, delicious very delicious! And generous amounts of food! and a very reasonable price, especially in comparison to most other activities in Tokyo! We would highly recommend this to any foodies travelling to Tokyo.

, 11 2017

Fun and organized class that had us cook 9 dishes from scratch in the span of under 3 hours. It honestly didn't feel that long of a class or that hard to cook all these dishes simultaneously, but I guess that's indicative of Instructor Aya's teaching ability :

, 9 2017

Great class. As we cooked we, learned about the Japanese foods and culture. Food was delicious. Caution...google maps takes you to the right street but doesn't quite take you to the exact location of the class. You will be in a residential area. So, you might need to go up or down the street to find the cooking school. There is a sign on the building for the school.

, 7 2017

This is a very instructive class with many separate dished that will teach you a lot about Japanes cooking. Hiromi is an expert in the field and speaks very good english. I did a lot of hands on work and got good tips about where to buy the right ingredients. So here I am back in Sweden with both Kombu kelp and Bonito flakes to make my own Dashi.

, 7 2017

Great cooking class, very professional and fun. Yummy food. The wagyu beef was amazing!

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+81 6 4560 2975