Tromsø, ノルウェー

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6~7時間 (平均所要時間)
使用言語: 英語



  • 北極でオーロラを追跡しましょう
  • オーロラを見るためにトロムソを出発しノルウェーの田舎へ向かいます
  • 空で最も壮大な風景の1つを探して、驚異的な自然風景の冒険をお楽しみください。
  • 知識豊富なガイドが専門知識をお伝えします。
  • ランチ、お飲物、軽食、お土産のお写真付き




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, 3 2019

Guide and driver good, disappointing
Not to see lights on such a long trip
Saw a raindeer, stopped for camp fire. Should give a discount or another night for trip at reduced price

, 3 2019

Yes we were lucky.Clear night, best display of the year but the guides Nico, Phillipe, Ivo were incredible. Campfire, lovely food. Advice freely given on photos and tripods provided. We will never forget lying on our backs on a metre of snow by a fjord in -7 degrees seeing the most incredible display above us. Thank you guys for everything.

, 2 2019

The Guide Petter en driver Jan have tried to search the northern lights. It was cloudy but they find a little hole in the clouds. We have see the northern light for a short time. Petter take pictures from us with the northern lights and send these to us later bij mail.

, 1 2019

On clear and cold (naturally) Norwegian night our guide, Petter drove us far from the city lights of Tromsø, all the time explaining local customs, tradition, and especially all the factors that must come together to see the Northern Lights. The space weather predictions were optimistic and we were bundled up for outside viewing. After two hours we saw a couple of green spikes piercing the horizon of a distant snow covered ridge line. Later a wide translucent yellow band arched clear across the sky. Just before 10pm the skies opened and bright shimmering ribbons of Green, pink, and yellow flashed and danced with unpredictable shapes and breathtaking beauty. We gasped and screamed with delight. This lasted at least 30 minutes and we were thrilled to see it one more time just after midnight. The perfect night for a once in a lifetime dream come true. Thank you Petter and Polar Expeditions!Gary Tucker

, 11 2018

We were made to feel welcome as soon as our tour started, we were taken back in time by one of the tour guides who told us old stories of Norway. We had a freak incident on the way, where the window on the roof was ripped off. However, even in the face of adversity they kept our spirits up and never once complained or even seemed phased. Sebastian managed to sort the roof out with the materials in the van (we were all impressed!) to enable us to carry on chasing the northern lights, which we found a little while after. There were hot dogs and hot chocolate with marshmallows which were prepared around a campfire, while we listened to more stories from the past. We were lucky that we got to see the lights and had some pictures taken. This was one of the best tours I have ever been on and this was down to the friendly tour guides, their kind nature and their knowledge. I would definitely recommend this to anyone!

, 11 2018

Our guide (Nikko?) was incredible! Not only did we see the northern lights but we had so much fun driving around and talking with each other around the fire! Our driver and tour guide made the whole experience fun. We even got homemade soup and our tour guide’s favorite hot drink. Would highly recommend this tour!

, 9 2018

We started the tour with high hopes: we saw the lights around 11pm through the clouds, but unfortunately the clouds never cleared enough to see them well throughout the night. Our guide and drive drove around for hours trying so hard for us! We stopped and made a fire and roasted hot dogs and told local legends, so that was fun! All in all, this was fun, and since they can’t control the weather, I would give them a 100%!

, 3 2018

The tour was amazing our guides were very helpful and knowledgeable about cameras and the Northern lights. It’s a small group so really feeels special.
Going to the mountains was really atmospheric

, 2 2018

The perfect experience

, 2 2018

Brilliant- excellent , enthusiastic guide...memorable

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+81 6 4560 2975