Ulaanbaatar, モンゴル

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6時間 (平均所要時間)
使用言語: 英語


  • 仏教寺院と市場を観光できる、ガイド付きウランバートルツアー
  • モンゴル最大かつ最も美しい保護地域のひとつであるゴルヒ・テレルジ国立公園へと向かいましょう
  • チンギス・ハーン・スタチュー・コンプレックス(the Genghis Khan Statue Complex)で世界最大の騎馬像、チンギス・ハーン騎馬像をご覧ください。
  • モンゴルの生活を知るために地元の家族を訪問しましょう。
  • モンゴルの文化と歴史を深く理解しましょう。
  • 昼食付き。
  • 往復のホテル送迎込み




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, 10 2018

3 of us took the tour together. It was an exciting experience. Our driver was really good and our tour guide was even better. Tunia, our English speaking tour guide, was wonderful. She was exceptionally knowledgeable about all aspects of Mongolian history. I will book this type of tour again.

, 8 2018

This Tour has been absolutely perfect! Our guide has explained us lots of interesting history facts all day. We have discovered a Buddhist temple tasted some great local food in a typical market climbed Genghis Khan Statue and spend some time with Nomads in the Gorkhi Park. Landscape there is incredible and the lunch in the yurt has been really typical.

, 8 2018

Nice trip, a lot lot informations and a very nice guide and a good driver. I recommend that triip!!!

, 7 2018

Our guide Tunia (pardon my spelling) was delightful and the tour absolutely delivered. Fully recommended!

, 6 2018

Definitely lived up to my expectations and my guide Gung was excellent. It was advertised as a 6 hour tour, but be prepared that it may take more like 89 hours.

, 12 2017

If you are in Ulan Bator and have time do THIS TOUR!. My superb tour guide Eric really made it a fantastic experience. His knowledge of local history was great and I learned lots about Mongolian culture and customs. The national park was fantastic to see and the ice river we crossed amazing. I would highly recommend!

A big thanks to Eric for making it such a memorable day.

, 12 2017

This was a great experience- my guide Tunya was very knowledgeable and we stopped at many places during the day to take photos. I could've spent much more time in the Gorkhi-Terelj Park if I had more time in Mongolia, but I really recommend this combination with the Genghis Khan statue if you are trying to see as much as you can in a day. I was also given a home-cooked meal in a ger and took a yak ride which was all very warm and welcoming despite it being the winter!

, 10 2017

Eshtol aka Tonia, my guide, was absolutely wonderful - friendly, informed, perfect English, she made the tour fun. Only feedback is to be more realistic about the timing of the tour. it said 6 hours but actually took 8, and i had planned for 6 hpurs so could get back to Ulaanbataar for a meeting in time. Thanks, was a great experience

, 9 2017

With only one day to see something on my own, I chose a tour to get out of Ulaanbataar and see the countryside. Our group was small 3 and congenial our guide Yogi was awesome. I am now enchanted with Mongolia and can't wait to go back.

, 9 2017

The tour went beyond my expectations.I am a solo woman traveler and usually do not book tours. I did this because of the difficulty of traveling in the countryside alone. I had the most amazing guide, Yogi. He spoke excellent English, was friendly and knowledgable and incredibly fun to spend the day with. If you are lucky enough to get him be sure and ask him how he learned his English. I was surprised and amused when he told me. I asked lots of questions about Mongolian traditions, culture, history and contemporary society. Yogi was extremely knowledgeable and patiently answered them all. The country side is beautiful and the Chinggis Khan statue well worth a visit.

+81 6 4560 2975
+81 6 4560 2975