ウィーン, オーストリア

最低価格 $50.64 USD




3 時間 (平均所要時間)


  • ドナウ川での3時間のディナークルーズ
  • 伝統的なオーストリア料理
  • ウィーンの生演奏
  • 夕方の活動は他の興味のためにあなたの日を自由にします
  • 水からウィーンのランドマークを見る



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, 12 2018

Very poor compared to a similar tour taken in Dubai. Pitch black outside and nothing of interest lit up. Menu all in German no English translation. Food mediocre. Would not recommend

, 8 2018

The Danube River Cruise sounded like a great idea. It was not. The check in process was disorganized. There was no guidance or help in getting to the correct ship. We had a Viator print out ticket and were told we needed to exchange the print out, with its barcode, for a ticket. There was no help provided at the office, it was closed and no help was available. The ship and the meal were mediocre at best. There literally is nothing to see on the parts of the Danube river that the cruise went on. I would not do this again.

, 7 2018

We did not get what we paid for. On our voucher stated that it started at 19.00 o'clock and we were there on time but we were put on the wrong boat, and the steward said something was wrong but told us to get on board. We got dinner, but nothing else, later the steward told us we should have been on a trip that started 19.45. We did not get any info about this. The information regarding these two trips did not exist.

, 7 2018

No one there to show you what boat. They couldn't find us on their paper work. Was stuck on a table in the corner. We felt as though we were in the way. Getting the food was manic. Was no scenic views. In all a very disappointing trip. We were first off the boat.

, 7 2018

Croisière agréable, mais 3 heures c'était trop long. Les chansons autrichiennes c'était un accordéon et un chanteur, sympathiques au demeurant mais nous aurions aimé savoir avant qu'il y aurait uniquement de l'accordéon. Nous avons aime le repas de spécialités autrichiennes.

, 12 2017

An amazing boat tour. Good food and although the live music wasn't my style the two musicians were fantastic very good atmosphere throughout. I would highly recommend this tour.

, 10 2017

Very well organised, we left the dock on time. The seating and tables were very comfortable. The waiter staff were very friendly and helpful, always making sure we had our drinks topped up.

The food was great - well-cooked and lots more options than we were expecting. Not so great for vegetarians, but you expect that in a country like Austria. The food was included in the price and we were surprised to find at the end that the drinks were very well-priced, considering they have a captive audience.

The entertainment was very fun. The Austrians had a great time singing along and we joined in as best we could.

A couple of minor things would have made it perfect: the boat waits half an hour for the lock to fill up before it can continue its onward journey. It was interesting to watch for a bit, but in the dark and rain, interest soon faded. However, this was the exact time that the entertainment decided to take a break - there and on the way back. It meant there was no music, we weren't moving, and nothing to look at apart from the walls of the lock. I think this should be the time they keep us entertained and have their break before/after.

Overall though, we had a lovely evening and would definitely recommend it to visitors of Vienna

, 9 2016

There was great confusion finding the correct boat to go on. No one was there to greet you and it was somewhat frustrating. Better directions is a MUST. Boat ride was good, went thru 2 sets of locks which was interesting to watch. Food was fine, buffet style. Music was typical local Austrian. View were good. Glad I went but would not go a second time

, 8 2016

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+81 6 4560 2975