Vienna, オーストリア

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4時間 (平均所要時間)
使用言語: 英語



  • 友達作りやウィーンのナイトライフを知るのに最適
  • ドリンク5杯付き
  • 迷子になる心配なし ‐ ガイドがご案内
  • 地元のパブ4か所とクラブを訪問。ガイドから最高のナイトライフを楽しむヒントを教わる



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, 12 2018

We booked our tickets a few months in advance. Our guide was lackluster and didn’t seem to care we were there. After telling us he wasn’t sure the night would even happen, he informed us we’d be going to a club out of the city and that the metro would be closed by the time we were done and would have to uber back. He then gave us drink tickets and just walked away from our group. We didn’t make it past the first bar and just left. I hope other’s have a better experience but the guide is the person to make the tour fun and this guy was a bust.

, 9 2018

Our guide was great. I just wish that the bars we had gone to would have been different. They were the exact same thing that we have in the states or that you could find in any country. Middle of the road regular bars playing classic rock music. But over all it was a good night. We didn't go to the last bar though so who knows the club might have been better!

, 7 2018

Die Führung sollte auf deutsch sein. Der Südamerikaner wollte lieber englisch sprechen. Es waren internationale junge Teilnehmer. Die Tour führte durch verräucherte Kneipen. Soviel Rauch hatten wir nicht erwartet und brachen nach der zweiten Kneipe ab. Etwas mehr Niveau hatten wir erwartet.

, 5 2018

Our guide was well-organised and easy-going, and made this pub crawl a fantastic experience. During the crawl, one of the pubs was closed, but we were quickly and easily guided to another location, which ended up being fantastic. If you enjoy a leaned-back drinking experience with a perfect environment to meet people whilst in an exciting new city, this Vienna pub crawl is ideal.

, 2 2018

we had fun. the last club we went was not so great

, 11 2017
, 10 2017

Great pub crawl! The tour lasted 3 hours and you get the chance to have a good time even if you are alone like I was. I would give 10 out of 10 if I could, just for the great job done by the guides. Even after the tour finished, they stayed partying with us till very early in the morning.

, 10 2017

It was very good. Put this in your to-do list for Vienna. The 2 Pub Crawl leaders created a friendly atmosphere and made sure that noone was left behind. We got 5 free drinks Beer and shot so, i think it is also good value for money. The management also helped me get back my scarf that I had forgotten in one of the bars. Overall I would recommend it to everyone looking for a good nightout in Vienna.

, 10 2017

Not enough people showed up.

, 10 2017

+81 6 4560 2975
+81 6 4560 2975