How to Spend 3 Days in Aruba

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How to Spend 3 Days in Aruba

With consistently pleasant weather, the 21-mile long island of Aruba is a popular tourist hotspot in the Caribbean Sea.  With good reason too, for it offers a plethora of activities for first time visitors to experience.

Day 1: Discover a Bygone Era  

Embark on the Island Tour to learn more about Aruba. The tour takes you through many of Aruba’s natural wonders and cultural highlights such as Natural Bridge, formed by the pounding of surf on coral limestone. Next, visit Ayo Rock featuring some of the oldest drawings by the Arawak Indians. Lose yourself in another time as you’re guided through the Old City of Savaneta, home to the oldest dwelling on the island. Next stop is Aruba’s second capital, oldest fishing village and now main red light area -San Nicholas. Finally, end your nostalgic day with a relaxing swim in the calm blue waters of Baby Beach.

Day 2: Hit the Water 

Hop aboard the luxurious Aruba Lunch & Snorkel Cruise  which takes you to Catalina Bay where you can sign up for snorkeling lessons.  Explore the hidden treasures of the 397 feet German shipwreck, Antilla, which was sunk by its own captain to avoid Dutch possession. Refresh yourself onboard with a deli-style lunch and an open bar as the crew entertains you with Aruban music, dance, & folklore. If you prefer a drier alternative to your deep sea adventures, try Aruba’s Atlantis Submarine Expedition that promises excitement for the entire family.

Day 3: Do Something Different

The Essence of Aruba  tour is a great way to discover some less conspicuous places that are fascinating nonetheless. It takes you through the factories of famous indigenous produce such as the Aruba Aloe Factory, the Aruhiba Cigar factory and Pinturitic Kunukoe House & Bar where you can sample some local Aruban Rum. Complete your stay in Aruba with the romantic Aruba Fantasy Cruise and dinner on the beach . Snuggle up to your favorite someone as you cruise into the sunset. On arriving at the private “De Palm Island” you’ll be treated to a three course meal that will surely leave you wanting more.

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