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Nouvelle Eve

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Nouvelle Eve
One of the city’s most popular cabaret revue theaters, La Nouvelle Eve is situated at the edge of bohemian Montmartre. The elegant venue—originally dubbed Fantaisies Parisiennes—was built in 1898 and exudes a Parisian vibe, but it’s the exhilarating, contemporary, and occasionally erotic performances that ultimately draw visitors.

The Basics
The historic La Nouvelle Eve remains one of Paris’ must-visit cabaret venues. The theater has served as a cinema during World War II, was given a Belle-Époque renovation in 1949, and changed ownership again in 1966. Today, the venue is renowned for its distinctive, blue-velvet interior and innovative staging.

The venue’s current show is Paris Je T’aime (Paris, I Love You), which has been performed since 2010. Highlights include traditional French cancan dancing and tributes to Édith Piaf alongside entertaining and acrobatic variety acts. Tickets to evening performances can be secured in advance, which takes the stress out of planning a visit.

Things to Know Before You Go
  • A smart dress code is required, and flip-flops, shorts, sneakers, and sportswear are prohibited.
  • La Nouvelle Eve admits children aged 6 and above, though there may be moments of nudity.
  • Those attending a dinner show get a 4-course meal. For later performances, an optional Champagne accompaniment is available.

How to Get There
There are numerous ways to visit La Nouvelle Eve, which is located in the Ninth Arrondissement. Take Métro line 2 to Blanche or lines 2 and 12 to Pigalle. Alternatively, use bus lines 68 and 74. As with other central Parisian landmarks, the theater can also be reached on foot, by taxi, car, or rental bike.

When to Get There
La Nouvelle Eve is open daily from 6:30pm–midnight. Multiple showtimes are offered: typically, a 7pm dinner show, 8:30pm show, and 10:30pm show. It is recommended you arrive 30 minutes prior to showtime, no matter the performance time you choose.

Other Local Cabarets
Montmartre is the birthplace of French cabaret, and La Nouvelle Eve is one of the area’s many revue theaters. Another popular local option is world-renowned Moulin Rouge. Au Lapin Agile offers a cozy and traditional cabaret experience.
Adres: 25 Rue Pierre Fontaine, Paris, France 75009, Frankrijk
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Variété La Nouvelle Eve in Parijs

Laat je betoveren door cabaret en de cancan in La Nouvelle Eve, een op Belle Epoque geïnspireerde locatie in de heuvelachtige omgeving van Montmartre in Parijs. Neem deel aan de spectaculaire 'Paris je t'aime' show, die de rijke artistieke geschiedenis van de stad beschrijft. Oogstrelende kostuums, roerende Edith Piaf-muziek, komedie en beenschoppende cancan-dansers maken dit een nacht om nooit te vergeten. Drink champagne tijdens de show of upgrade om te genieten van een diner-show combinatie, die een 4-gangen Franse maaltijd omvat.
  • Duur: 1 uur 30 minuten
  • Duur: 1 uur 30 minuten
55,64 US$
55,64 US$
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