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Particuliere aankomst transfer: treinstation van Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf, Duitsland

Vanaf 55,04 US$

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Kom comfortabel aan in uw hotel in Düsseldorf op deze privé-transfer met een enkele overstap in het centraal station van Düsseldorf. Ontmoet uw chauffeur op een afgesproken tijdstip op het treinstation en stap in uw privévoertuig. Leun dan achterover en ontspan terwijl uw chauffeur het stuur neemt en u door de stad naar uw hotel of een andere bestemming brengt. Transferservices zijn 24 uur per dag, 7 dagen per week beschikbaar.
  • Privévervoer van het centraal station van Düsseldorf naar uw hotel in Düsseldorf
  • Geniet van een soepel en probleemloos begin van uw verblijf in Düsseldorf
  • Maak optimaal gebruik van een service voor het afhandelen en afhandelen van bagage door uw chauffeur
  • Rij in het comfort van een privévoertuig met airconditioning en voldoende ruimte
  • Service werkt 24 uur per dag, zeven dagen per week

Over de provider

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My 2 days tour experience

Overnight Royal Castles Tour - Linderhof, Hohenschwangau, Neuschwanstein | dec 2019
So i purchased your 2 days tour (for Linderhof, Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau). Basically means that u will go with the tour on the first day, stay overnight at one of their designated hotel (my case was Hotel Alpenstuben) , visit hohenschwangau on the 2nd day,then they will have a bus to pick you up to return to Munich. BUT BE AWARE: it started off great, tour guide was friendly and helpful. On the second day, they supposed to have a bus to pick me up at 4pm (stated clearly on my vouncher with location and time). However, there was NO SIGHS of any buses arriving at 4pm at the parking lot at hotel muller(stated on my vouncher )! I was running between my hotel and hotel Muller parking lot for at least 5 to 6 times on a cold rainy day!Still no signs of any buses! And i was soaking wet and freezing ! Thanks God the staff at Hotel Alpenstuben (hotel I stayed) went above and beyond to help me look for the buses. The buses ended up parking at another parking lot but nothing,absolutely NOTHING, has been mentioned or communicated in any of the emails i have received ! And you know what's the worst? No one, including the tour guide from the bus who took me back to Munich, knew what was going on. They even told me that they don't even know what they should do but since i have purchased the vouncher,they will take me back. To GrayLine SIGHTseeing Munich, AutobusOberbayern Gmbh: this is absolutely the last thing you want to offer to your customers ! It rained all day today, it's winter so it gets dark early, in a foreign country, a traveler wouldn't want to be confused in such condition ! To fellow travellers,  if you wish to visit all 3 of the castles, i suggested that you can get the 1 day tour, but book a hotel and organize you way back to Munich yourself.  Or even better, you just book your tickets in advance from the official websites,and travel yourself via trians/buses. I would not recommend an overnight tour because it's just too messy at the end.
...Meer lezenstar-2

Do not take this tour-it is mislabeled...

Private Tour: Royal Castles of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau from Munich | sep 2018

Do not take this tour-it is mislabeled as it is not private nor guided. Our driver picked us up at 9AM and then did not say one word for the entire two hour drive out to the castles. We did not get any information about the countryside we were seeing or any comments until we arrived. He then showed us where the restroom was located and went to get our tickets for entry. He gave us the tickets and left us on our own until we were to meet him at 4:45 for the return trip. We were lost trying to find our way up to the castle whereas he could have easily stayed with us and guided the way. One then has to make the way back down, buy a bus ticket and then be bussed up to the second castle. Again, no guide was with us. When we met up with him at his appointed time, he again offered no comments on the entire drive back. He was an excellent driver but was not a guide.

...Meer lezenstar-1

Neuschwanstein castle

Private Tour: Royal Castles of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau from Munich | jul 2018
The castle was great but there is a lot of repair work going on on one end. There are lots and lots of steps so be prepared. When I planned my trip to Germany this was at the top of my list and it did not disappoint.
...Meer lezenstar-5

This tour was amazing and made even...

star-5Oliver N
Private Tour: Royal Castles of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau from Munich | feb 2018

This tour was amazing and made even better by Lars! He was friendly yet professional and shared his enviably knowledge of not only the castles but Munich with us. Nothing was too much trouble and he went out of his way to ensure we had the best time, including lending us gloves! Highly recommended.

...Meer lezenstar-5

Armin, our guide, was knowledgeable and...

Private Tour: Munich Sightseeing Including Andechs Monastery | dec 2017

Armin, our guide, was knowledgeable and flexible. Enjoyed all of it!

...Meer lezenstar-5

I can't say enough about this tour...

star-5Denise E
Private Tour: Royal Castles of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau from Munich | dec 2017

I can't say enough about this tour! It was the best tour of my European trip! My tour guide, Stephen was amazing and customized my tour with a short stop in Oberammergau. On the drive he enlightened me with the life story of King Ludwig II. He was very knowledgeable of the area and it's history. His English was excellent.
This was not a cheap tour but the individual attention made it worth every penny.

...Meer lezenstar-5

Great over night. Hotel was...

star-5Lynda B
Overnight Royal Castles Tour - Linderhof, Hohenschwangau, Neuschwanstein | okt 2017

Great over night. Hotel was wonderful. Castles tours interesting. Lots of stairs but beauty of the castles while worth it.

...Meer lezenstar-5

We paid $500 for a private Munich tour...

star-1KELLY M F
Private Tour: Munich Sightseeing Including Andechs Monastery | aug 2017

We paid $500 for a private Munich tour and Andechs Monestary. Our guide said the brewery at monastery was closed and the other too many tourists. So we did a tour of Marienplatz. We did see some beautiful churches. And he drove us by the October fest area.

...Meer lezenstar-1

Our driver drove us to...

star-3Lily B
Private Tour: Royal Castles of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau from Munich | aug 2017

Our driver drove us to Neuschwanstein, and on our way we stopped close to a lake to get out and stretch. It was described in the website that there would be PRIVATE tours of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau Castles, but instead we had to wait in lines to enter with group tours. Also, we never got to do a 90 minute stroll around the scenic Lake Alpsee.

Our driver was cordial and nice, but he didn't tell us very much about the history and of the people around the areas, and of the castles.

...Meer lezenstar-3

An absolutely wonderful experience...
Overnight Royal Castles Tour - Linderhof, Hohenschwangau, Neuschwanstein | aug 2017

An absolutely wonderful experience at all three castles and the stay at Hotel Muller was amazing.
Our only complaint is that there was quite a bit of confusion as to which bus we were supposed to be on because we thought the overnight tour would be on a separate bus from the day tour. This ended up not being the case for us and we were the only three guests who stayed overnight. But, our tour guide Sophie, got us all set up at the hotel and the tour guide who picked us up the next day Max was great as well.
We definitely recommend doing the overnight tour because not only do you get to see three castles instead of just two, you also don't have to rush after you've seen Neuschwanstein so there's plenty of time to see Mary's Bridge and to take a carriage ride down. The hotel is absolutely amazing as well.

...Meer lezenstar-5

Excellent trip to the Royal Castles...

star-5Jacqueline P
Private Tour: Royal Castles of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau from Munich | aug 2017

Excellent trip to the Royal Castles. We had a private car and driver. He picked us up at our hotel in Munich, gave a wonderful tour en route to the castles, qued up to retrieve our tickets and advised us of the best way to see both castles. My husband and I are active so we decided to walk to each. The walking is definitely not for everyone. The tours were satisfactory, as tours go. The castles are amazing...Neuschwanstein is definitely something to see. You do not see the entire castle. Only a few of the rooms as it was never fully completed. A must is to hike up the hill to the trestle bridge and view Neuschwanstein Castle from the bridge. It's amazing. After both castle tours our driver met us at the designated location and we headed back to Munich. A different route home which was very informative as well.

...Meer lezenstar-5

Our tour guide, Stephen, was very...

Private Tour: Munich Sightseeing Including Andechs Monastery | aug 2017

Our tour guide, Stephen, was very knowledgeable about the history and sights around Munich. As we talked about our interests, he was flexible to make adjustments along the way. Our small group of 4 was transported around town in a very clean and spacious van. Danke, Stephen!

...Meer lezenstar-5

Stephen was pleasant and courteous...

star-5Lauren S
Private Tour: Royal Castles of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau from Munich | aug 2017

Stephen was pleasant and courteous. He met us at our hotel as planned. He talked about the castles and some of the lesser known facts about the King Ludwig II while en route. The tour of the countryside was very pleasant. Our tickets for the castle tours were ready for us when we got there. Stephen very carefully recommended the best routes for our group to get from one location to another. We had plenty of time to explore in addition to the tour.

...Meer lezenstar-5

Most of the day did not go as...

star-3Leslie V
Private Tour: Royal Castles of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau from Munich | jul 2017

Most of the day did not go as planned or described, but overall it was fun.

There is a lot more walking (up and down the hill) than was described, but the castles are worth it!

Our guide was great in getting our tickets for us and we did not have to stand in line.

...Meer lezenstar-3

This was NOT as billed. First of...

Private Tour: Royal Castles of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau from Munich | jul 2017

This was NOT as billed. First of all, unlike the description--we were charged extra for admission to the castles. This is distinctly different than the tour description. We did have a hotel pick-up with a private van. Our driver, Stephan, was very knowledgable. He did not offer us a tour of the Wieskirche--instead, we went to a different church instead. We were not offered the opportunity to see Linderhof. Also, we did not have a private tour of the castles--not of Hohenschwangau, and not of Neuchwanstein. This is also not what it says in the description. What was done was pre-booking of the timed tours--and better not be even 5 minutes late , or you will miss your 30 minute tour of the castle. 30 minutes for each castle. We we told to walk up to Hohenschwangau 20 minute uphill climb--this was the non-strenuous walk--past Lake Alpsee--beautiful. Get to Hohenschwangau, where there are timed entry ticket stalls that read your ticket and let you in only at the time of your ticket. You are herded thru the castle and allowed to see about 6 rooms over 2-3 floors. We were then told to hoof back down and get on a packed, crowded bus with passengers unsafely jammed on--to ride up past the MArienbrucke for another 10 minute uphill climb to the bridge where there is picture-taking frenzy--jostling for space with hundred of other tourists to take fairy-tale pictures of the fairy tale castle. It was pretty cool. The bus ride was 1.8 Euros, and well worth it--walk down about 20 minutes, past another scenic view point where you can see views of BOTH castles--also pretty cool. continue down to the castle courtyard, where the number of your tour is flashed on an electronic billboard, You have only 5 minutes once your tour group number is called--tours are let in 60 people at a time--every 5 minutes. If you miss you spot--it's tough luck for you. There are A LOT of steps--over 300 stairs--up and down the castle, to see furniture and rooms which Ludwig never got to use. Then pile back out and walk downhill--we took a horse carriage ride downhill 3Euros each and rode down, where Stephan our guide was there to meet us. It was a long, tiring day--not suitable for elderly or those with inability to walk or climb. Not for those with heart or respiratory conditions--The setting of the castles in the mutinies was tremendous. But the tour was not as billed. We did not have a private tour--this was a driver and facilitator--and we paid more than Viator quoted us. But I'm glad we went--much better than trying to do it on our own. But for the price--I expected more.

...Meer lezenstar-3

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