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2-Night Merzouga Small-Group Desert Adventure uit Marrakech met Camel Trek en Berber Camp

Marrakesh, Marokko

Vanaf 90,67 US$


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Verken de woestijn buiten Marrakech en dompel jezelf onder in de Marokkaanse cultuur met deze driedaagse tocht van twee nachten in de woestijn. Op je eerste dag reis je door het Atlasgebergte naar de Dades-vallei, waar je de nacht zult doorbrengen. De volgende dag ga je op kameelrug terug naar de duinen van Erg Chebbi, waar je de nacht doorbrengt in traditionele Berber-tenten, voordat je terugkeert naar Marrakech.
  • Er worden twee overnachtingen aangeboden
  • Diner en ontbijt zijn inbegrepen in de prijs van de tour
  • Vervoer heen en terug vanaf uw hotel in Marrakech is inbegrepen
  • Kleine groepsgroottes houden deze tour intiem


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Beoordelingen van Viator-reizigers
I really must remind myself that...
Joseph G
, okt 2016
I really must remind myself that this tour was relatively cheap! But, as it advertised a small group guided tour, i was disappointed at the size 18 in a minibus for 18 - I was squashed next to a man i didn't know for 3 days as we were the last couple to arrive. The Guide! Our driver for 3 days was just that, a driver - not a driver/guide as advertised. He would pull into a car park by a cafe and shout 10 minutes, coffee, pictures or at the side of a road and shout 5 minutes, picture - that's really as much information as we ever got. He didn't start the day by explaining the broad outline of what we would be doing or by when he hoped to arrive. This resulted in us getting to Lunch most days at c.2pm, after having breakfast at 7.30! We at no point knew where we were or what we were seeing or why it was important! I must admit that I am wowed that he managed to drive for 10 hours everyday, but much of that time on day 1 was whilst on the phone, and he only interacted with the Moroccan guests on the trip. These guest would demand cash point visits, tabac stops and booze stops. One even had the entire bus stop for 10 minutes whilst he tried to negotiate for dates with a vendor on the side of the road!!! Each time we stopped, we'd loose the entire bus to cigarette breaks and it would take any extra 10 minutes to get back on board and moving again. LODGINGS The accommodation on night one was in a lodge - think private rooms in a hostel and you won't be disappointed, the area is probably stunning, but we arrived in the pitch black of night and left before it really got light enough to see where we were. We then spent the majority of the next day traveling to the dessert, to arrive well after 6pm. It was not explained to us how the camel/camp experience would work. We were told we needed our camera and water. They did NOT explain that we would be in shared accommodation, that there was no facility to purchase additional water at the camp we expected that there would be some drinks offered with dinner, there was not, my girlfriend and i had 500mls of water enough to cover the camel ride we thought to cover us from 6pm until we returned back to the camel trek starting point at 8am the following morning. We quickly decided to reduce water intake anyway once we realised there was no toilet facility. I didn't expect fancy, at least a tented area with a long drop or something - but we were told to just 'go anywhere' - this did result in some people relieving themselves directly outside of the camp. NB: When we arrived, there were 7 camels available and 18 in our group. This meant that you could only trek in one direction. If you take this tour I highly recommend taking the morning option, watching the sunrise over the Dunes was an amazing experience. The food was basic at all stops - Chicken Tagine and rice or cous cous and bread, breakfast coffee and bread and jam. THE GUIDE AT BEN HADDOU - We were collected by a guide from the bus, he walked us up to the top via a back route, brought us back the same way, told us nothing that we hadn't already read on the internet then stopped us in an alley and demanded 30dm for the entry fee there is no entry fee. I'm happy to tip a guide - but i expect them to work for it, tell me something and not to demand the money in a lie! Very disappointing. We were then delivered to a very expensive restaurant where we were told we must have lunch and wait for our driver. THE GUIDE AT TONDRA GORGE AREA - Did a cracking job, he did explain he was working for tips honest and stayed with us for 2hrs touring us around the farming area. Lots of info and in 3 languages! We were happy to tip him the recommended 10dm each. The Final day, is just driving back to Marrakech, Which we finally managed at 8pm not the 3pm advertised - this is not physically possible we now realise due to the c.600 km and the mountains. NB, we were in the same clothes we started day 2 in, there is no option to wash after the dessert experience Our biggest frustration was the lack of information - we'd have enjoyed it a lot more if we'd have had some idea of what we were likely to expect each day and just a little insight into where we were! I'd say, do it, but don't have great expectations of learning anything. The Dessert dune experience is fab - but take lots of water and be prepared to squat!

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Its kind of a drive from Marrakesh all...

star-4Peter N
Overnight Tour to Zagora from Marrakech with Camel Trek and Berber Camp | mei 2016

Its kind of a drive from Marrakesh all over the High Atlas passing Tizi n Tichka along many ancient kasbahs to Ait-Ben-Haddou.
But the reward is beautiful nature and you get a feeling how diverse Maroccan landscape is - from the ocean, the mountains to the desert.
I booked this overnight tour on Tripadvisor/Viator and the value for the price is perfect since youre able to see all the places in just 36 hours. Disadvantage: you dont really have a guide but a driver who has to rush to get through his itinery.
Still: the view of the Atlas mountains, and walking through Ait Ben haddou was worth it!

...Meer lezenstar-4

overnight camping was amazing, the only...

star-4kaytlyn t
3-Day Merzouga Desert Tour from Marrakech with Camel Ride and Camp | apr 2016

overnight camping was amazing, the only negatives were the large amounts of driving each day as well as not having a set itinerary in advanced.

...Meer lezenstar-4

Sum-up: sites were awesome but the...

star-2Vanessa L
3-Day Merzouga Desert Tour from Marrakech with Camel Ride and Camp | apr 2016

Sum-up: sites were awesome but the awful staff made this 2/5.

First, the communication was terrible. There was almost no info provided about who was picking us up and when exactly, what to prepare/expect, etc. They were a half hour late to pick us up because they got lost despite me calling/emailing several times to try to warn them that they would get lost.

The local tour operator looks more like a car rental than a guiding company, and boy does it show. It's like they used one of their vans and forced one of their poor employees to cart around a bunch of tourists. The guide, Mustafa, was aloof and grumpy the entire time. He wouldn't tell us basic things like when we'd eat lunch, he drove by places with nice views of the mountains and opt for a much worse view, and basically just was a total grouch about everything. We were supposed to see a kasbah at Ouarzazate according to the online itinerary and instead took us to a parking lot outside of a cinema museum and said we had 20 min. GREAT, just enough time to do absolutely nothing. We were told to pay 20 MAD each to a guide at Ait Ben Haddou, who also wanted a tip, even though it says small group tours and gratuities are included. When we complained, we suddenly didn't have to pay guides anymore, so that was clearly a scam.

Then the camels and Berber camp was also a mess. The staff again was just awful. They wouldn't tell us when we were eating, and when we did, it wasn't clear that we weren't just going to eat rice since that's all they brought for a long time. They did not offer any drinks to even pay for at dinner, so be sure to bring plenty of your own water. And be prepared to not have access to bathroom facilities. There were no toilets, and no warning about that. Or you could relieve yourself right next to the dining tent like one of the charming staff. DISGUSTING! I don't mind toileting outside if we had a warning, but communication was 0 here.

Choose another tour to see these awesome sites.

...Meer lezenstar-2

Very Bad. Avoid it
Many things...

3-Day Merzouga Desert Tour from Marrakech with Camel Ride and Camp | apr 2016

Very Bad. Avoid it
Many things happened in this tour:
1 . There is no guide. It's just a driver. An arrogant driver who had stopped to ask where and how long but still did not meet the times.
2. For this tour we paid 145 each and in the same micro bus were people who had paid 80 per person. And the hotel and breakfasts- bread, jam and cafe- would say that was worth even less.
3. The driver stopped at sites of interest - usually before the precise stop - where they had some local guides those who had to pay them for the local tour. All prearranged. And also he stopped to eat in places that were more expensive than they were a 1 or 2 block later.
4. Failure to comply with the schedules caused we arrived late to Merzouga and thus arrived at night to the dunes practically eat and sleep. We could not enjoy the desert and its dunes that was the goal of the tour.
5. In the desert out was at 5:30 am and finally left at 7:00 am.
If it were not for the places we visited we would say that the tour was a disaster.

...Meer lezenstar-1

I cannot recommend this tour due to...

star-1Cecilia F
Overnight Tour to Zagora from Marrakech with Camel Trek and Berber Camp | apr 2016

I cannot recommend this tour due to what happened on our voyage. I booked the tour for the whole family of four a week before and everything went very smoothly and we received the information we needed. So far so good!
We were picked up as the first passengers at our Riad by two persons in a larger van. Then the trouble started. We went to pick up more passengers but it seemed to be some trouble with finding the persons. We went to a third place and more discussions in Arabic but no information to us six passengers in the van. After about an hour we all had to go out of the larger van and we were told that we have to switch to a smaller vehicle standing at a petrol station. A new chauffeur jumped in and started to drive. Two more young girls had joined, sitting in the front seat. Still no information to us!
After a while we addressed the chauffeur in French and asked if we were on our way. We received an oui.
According to the itinerary for the tour a guide would be included and normally I assume this is the chauffeur as well. Unfortunately, our guide spoke very little French and no English at all. We never received any information and were kept in the dark the whole trip. Luckily the two girls in the front spoke Arabic and could translate our most needed questions back in French. Due to the delay in the morning the chauffeur drove like a maniac because we needed to be at the place for riding the camels before sunset. Due to the crazy drive in the mountains the first passenger got carsick and had to vomit. The passenger swapped places with the girls in the front which only meant that they also got sick and we had to stop beside the road. I and my family were ok in the back but we were all so afraid when the chauffeur overtook all the cars on this winding mountain road. An absolute nightmare.
A stop at Ait Benhaddou for a quick lunch and a short tour as we were running late. Even if all the guided tours and the gratuities were included in the price we still had to

...Meer lezenstar-1

The drive to the desert was very long...

star-2Divya G
Overnight Tour to Zagora from Marrakech with Camel Trek and Berber Camp | mrt 2016

The drive to the desert was very long, without any explanation of what we were seeing. Wasn't drivers fault as he didn't speak any english only arabic. The desert experience was a bit of a rip off, you can see the city lights from where you camp.

...Meer lezenstar-2

Driver was great and so was the hotel...

star-3Rishee J
3-Day Merzouga Desert Tour from Marrakech with Camel Ride and Camp | jan 2016

Driver was great and so was the hotel accommodation in Gorges. Desert camp did not have bathrooms which was a huge negative mostly because this was advertised as luxury.

...Meer lezenstar-3

The Atlas Mountains were beautiful as...

star-1Amy L. G
Overnight Tour to Zagora from Marrakech with Camel Trek and Berber Camp | nov 2015

The Atlas Mountains were beautiful as was the desert. However our guide Mohammed was completely unhelpful, rushed us all day, wasted our time stopping at shops where he clearly got a commission, did not explain what we were doing, did not even introduce himself until asked, and was not able to manage time so that we could get to the desert to ride the camels by sunset. As a result we were riding at night with no view whatsoever. Also the trip was advertised as including the tour information yet the one place where we were given to a local guide we were charged extra albeit a very small amount. The camels were lovely as were the men who handled them. The lodgings in the desert were simple but adequate. However I am sure there are much better ways to have a camel trek in Morocco than this!

...Meer lezenstar-1

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