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Dagje uit met de bus van Osaka naar Kyoto Ontmoet Maiko in Gion, zie de UNESCO-werelderfgoedtempels

Izumisano, Japan

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Als je beperkte tijd in Japan hebt, kun je gemakkelijk de hoogtepunten van Kyoto op een dagtrip vanuit Osaka aanvinken. Deze tour is ideaal voor mensen die voor het eerst op bezoek zijn en biedt een uitgebreid overzicht van de UNESCO-werelderfgoedlocaties, waaronder het heiligdom van Fushimi Inari en de wijk Gion. Bovendien, in tegenstelling tot conventionele Kyoto-tours, bekijk je een maiko (leerling-geisha) -prestatie en neem je deel aan een theeceremonie.
  • Bekijk het beste van de UNESCO-werelderfgoedlocaties van Kyoto tijdens een dagtrip vanuit Osaka
  • Een perfecte introductie voor nieuwe bezoekers met beperkte tijd
  • Reis tussen attracties zonder je zorgen te hoeven maken over navigatie
  • Beleef een theeceremonie met een maiko in de wijk Gion


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Beoordelingen van Viator-reizigers
Ecouraging you to take this trip!
Denise N
, sep 2019
This was the best tour I think I have ever taken. Keiko was an excellent guide! So knowledgeable, engaged, pleasant and helpful. We started off at a Temple, then she picked me up from there and we left the group to travel into the Gion. I have been interested in Geiko, and Maiko ever since reading Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden. Also, my grandparents had said that this was one of their favorite memories of Japan. Having lunch at a Sumo wrestler's restaurant during the Sumo tournament was a treat! Then on to the tea house for a special dance and traditional tea ceremony with time to speak to the Maiko. This was really awesome. I was the only one that day on the tour that chose to go into the Gion so it was like a private tour. When I asked why, Keiko said that she did not think many people knew of this tour. I am here to say, if you get the chance, please go...the area is traditional old Japan, this is what I had been looking for...tradition. You will not be disappointed!

Over de provider

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Day Trip to Mt Fuji, Kawaguchiko and Mt Fuji Panoramic Ropeway | mrt 2020
Sad to say this, but it was the most disappointing tour I've ever taken. You know this feeling of going on a day trip and getting back in the evening overwhelmed with emotions, impressions and lots of photos? Well, this tour is not the case. Mt. Fuji 5th station was closed due to snow, so we stopped at 4th station, which is literally just a parking lot with a small cafe. Honestly, there was nothing special about the view and 40 minutes we spent there felt unnecessary (10-15 min would be more than enough). After, we went for lunch, which was arranged at a nice hotel, yet food was bland and resembled meals you'd get on a plane (and no jokes, soup was served in an espresso cup). Lake cruise was meh. Ropeway and the time spent up there was the only highlight of this trip. Stunning view of Mt. Fuji!!! Tour guide was also very nice and friendly, but she could not save overall impression of this tour. It is either heavily overpriced or lacks several additional stops and activities. Do not recommend.
...Meer lezenstar-2

Awesome outings!

Day Trip by Bus to Kyoto from Osaka (with Halal Lunch) | mrt 2020
Splendid! Great trip in Kyoto with good tour guide from Limon! Keep it up! Like the shrines visits Will definitely come again in another seasons
...Meer lezenstar-5

Nice way to go to Takayama

1 Way Day Tour Tokyo - Takayama via Mt Fuji and Suwako | feb 2020
Yes this is legit tours from Limon Tours. Tokyo to Takayama with Mt Fuji and Lake Suwa as side trip. I just hope the Mt Fuji view is nearer. The bus ride is long. But it’s okay we’re just few and it’s like a private tour.
...Meer lezenstar-4

It was Ok.

Day Trip by Bus to Kyoto and Nara from Osaka | feb 2020
We use Viator a lot with my family, however this was the most disappointing tour in the last 6 years. It was very badly organised and we were initially put on the bus with a Chinese speaking tour guide and we do not understand a word of Chinese! I had to insist to be changed to an English bus and so happened another group did not arrive, we managed to swap buses. However the sights were amazing and we had lots of fun with the deers at Nara Park.
...Meer lezenstar-2

Stress free day tour

Day Trip by Bus to Kyoto and Nara from Osaka | feb 2020
Nara and Kyoto are beautiful. Excellent tour guide, and just the right amount of stopping at each location. A bit chaotic at first trying to figure out which bus you go to at the hotel, but it was sorted then everything worked out.
...Meer lezenstar-5

Extremely disappointing

Day Trip by Bus to Kyoto, Nara and Kobe from Osaka | jan 2020
Our experience with this trip was extremely disappointing. Our English guide - Toshi - was not only he wasn’t explaining the trip properly but he seems to be short in English. I expected him to explain about the histories and untold stories about the sites that we’ve visited but all he kept saying was either very beautiful or only expressions. Train your guides or hire one who actually knows your history as that’s what travelers want to hear AT ALL TIMES from this kind of tours. This was a truly disappointing tour.
...Meer lezenstar-1

Beautiful kyoto

Day Trip by Bus to Kyoto from Osaka | jan 2020
The tour was fantastic with harisan guide. Very informative bamboo garden was beautiful. Lunch was suprb
...Meer lezenstar-5

day trip by bus to kyoto and nara from osaka with halal lunch

Day Trip by Bus to Kyoto and Nara from Osaka (with Halal Lunch) | jan 2020
Halal lunch is not worth the money.... tour guide is okay .... need additional hours to enjoy the trip...the time table for each attraction is very short because they need to go to Kobe for different tour.
...Meer lezenstar-3

Enjoyed the visit locations

star-4Dave E
Day Trip by Bus to Kyoto and Nara from Osaka | jan 2020
The good: The locations are good to visit. The coach is fairly peaceful and comfortable (tho there are quite frequent announcements about next visit etc) We left, returned on time The tour guides tried hard to be helpful - in particular Emily was very active both helping us in English and also helping others in Japanese and Chinese at the same time so thank you very much. The OK: There is limited explanation / historical background given. But to be honest you can also read inscriptions at the locations visited or use Wikipedia. Given it's a large group with multiple languages needed, I think this is not surprising. The time available at the different locations is not that much - this is just a result of the schedule and travel time needed. At the bamboo forest in particular, move quickly if you want to see things and also have time for food. The not so good: The company (NOT the fault of the tour guides) provides pretty useless written materials. For example: The pickup point described as 'Namba OCAT' Come on guys, this is a huge building with multiple floors. A bit of extra information here is really easy to do and really helpful. There is a 'personalised' itinerary given to every person (thank you) but it actually does not include a lot of the information. For example, your time for lunch if you selected the buffet. Why provide each person with an itinerary, but leave off half the information and force the poor tour guides to have to explain all this extra stuff? The map provided of the bamboo forest area is utterly useless - there is limited time to walk around the bamboo forest and temple area, yet the company provides a map which shows attractions which are several miles away - while the local area (how to get to the bamboo forest) is completely unclear. Better off with google maps but of course because they provide the map, probably a lot of people try to use it. So to the company: please do consider the written material you provide, particularly given that people arrive at the tour needing translation into different languages so it's really helpful if the written materials are really clear and detailed.
...Meer lezenstar-4

Very bad office

Day Trip by Bus to Kyoto from Osaka | jan 2020
Wer not able to use our ticket, we paid it but when we came to the place they did not accept us coz they are looking for reservation. We dont know what is that..but we paid ticket. To hell with you
...Meer lezenstar-1

Very good

Kyoto Day Trip by bus | jan 2020
It was only for one day but it covered the best attractions of Kyoto without being too hectic. Our tour guide was very helpful. She even helped us changed our return train to Tokyo so we have enough time.
...Meer lezenstar-5

Worth the trip

Day Trip by Bus to Kyoto from Osaka | dec 2019
This tour is highly recommended for those who wants to have convenience and have limited time to visit these attractions. The tour was very organized and the English speaking guide is efficient and friendly.
...Meer lezenstar-4

Should have done more research

Day Trip by Bus to Kyoto and Nara from Osaka | dec 2019
Not what I thought a tour would be. Booking - Viator indicated the tour operator was Shinki Tours. The tour bus said Limon, the guide had a coat that said Limon. How was I supposed to know that they were the same? I was waiting outside waiting and finally decided to see if that person was with the tour. Don't they have a list of people who are on the tour? It was almost an hour bus ride to Kyoto. Not very much was said between Osaka and Kyoto. It would have been nice if there was more talking - where we were, significance of the area, what we were going to see, cultural aspects, etc. Once we got to Kyoto we were led to the bamboo forest, and for those of us who booked lunch, told what time to meet back at the restaurant. Which was not a lot of walk around time. After lunch, we went to Kinkakuji Temple. Again, drop you off, meet back at the bus. Oh and don't be late or we will leave without you. We will wait 5 minutes. Well no, we waited longer than that and the guide was upset. I don't understand why they were upset. The guide made the rest of the tour wait for these latecomers. Instead, we should have left without them. Then the guide would not be upset and the rest of the tour would not wait. We were all amply warned about being on time and the consequences. They were late because they were buying snacks and souvenirs. Then on to Nara. Same thing, drop off and you're on your own. Also, the your had to be repeated in English, Japanese and Chinese. Next time, I'd look for a tour that had less translations.
...Meer lezenstar-3

Beautiful and Authentic

Meet Maiko in Gion see UNESCO World Heritage Temples,Day tour from Kyoto | dec 2019
This tour was beyond our expectations. All the tourist things like the temples were interesting, but the highlight was meeting a Maiko and having a private performance and tea ceremony. She also then sat with us for around half an hour and explained about what she needs to go through as an apprentice geisha, her life and everything in between! She was beautiful both inside and out and if you want a real insight to Japanese culture this is certainly a tour to do! We also went to the famous bamboo forest which was great although the day we went was full of tourists and locals as it was a long weekend. Our guide was very helpful and insightful and we would have been lost without her for sure! All in all this was a unique Japanese experience.
...Meer lezenstar-5

A wonderful way to see a lot

Day Trip by Bus to Kyoto and Nara from Osaka (with Halal Lunch) | nov 2019
Amazing! Well timed and lots to see. The deers and the golden pavilion were the highlights for me. We also had the sweetest guides.
...Meer lezenstar-4

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