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Halve dag Otaku-wandeltocht in Osaka

Osaka, Japan
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Vind de verborgen zakken van de Otaku-cultuur in Osaka tijdens deze 4,5 uur durende wandeling. Kom meer te weten over het concept 'otaku', of obsessie met manga en anime, door bezoeken aan een cosplaytheater, een meidencafé en 'Den-den town'.
  • Wandeltocht van 4,5 uur door Osaka gericht op otaku-cultuur
  • Bezoek Den-den Town, een cosplaytheater en een Maid Cafe
  • Live show in een Maid Cafe
  • Neem deel aan een cosplaytheater
  • Inbegrepen drankje in een café
Ontmoet je gids en groep om 11 uur op het station van Osaka Nankai Namba. Vanaf daar begint u aan uw 4,5-uur durende wandeling door de otaku-cultuur in Osaka te verkennen. Hoewel het Akihabara-district van Tokio het meest bekend is om de otaku-cultuur, laat je gids je zakken zien van deze anime- en manga-obsessieve cultuur, levend en wel in Osaka.

Wandel door 'Den-den town', het hart van het elektronische winkelgebied van Osaka, boordevol elektronica, game shops, cosplay en traditioneel Japans streetfood. Ga verder naar een Maid Cafe, waar je een liveshow ziet en lunch eet (entree inbegrepen, lunch op eigen kosten).

Na de lunch ga je naar een cosplaytheater, waar je je moed kunt verzamelen en de castleden op het podium kunt vergezellen als je wilt. Als je liever alleen de scène wilt zien spelen, neem je een slokje met onbeperkte frisdranken. Spring vervolgens op een trein naar het modecentrum van Osaka, Amerika-Mura in het Shinsaibashi-gebied, waar je de laatste mode kunt bekijken.

Rond de tour af met een stop bij de Japanse versie van het Statue of Liberty-gebouw, voordat je naar een bar gaat voor een 'kampai' met een inbegrepen drankje.
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America Mura
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Nipponbashi Denden Town
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Beoordelingen van Viator-reizigers
Best experience in Japan involving...
Thomas V
, jun 2017
Best experience in Japan involving people. Our guide was laid back and had a genuine love for all things Otaku. Can't give the experience enough praise- would highly recommend near the beginning of Osaka stay. Lot of distance covered going to a maid cafe with someone who understands what is going on made it much more enjoyable. 6/5 stars. Keep up the awesome work Ryan Johno!
This tour was disappointing. It's a...
, mei 2017
This tour was disappointing. It's a decent introduction to Den Den Town, but it was more of a walk to, and through, various large stores than it was a proper tour. Now, to be fair, our guide had a bit of an uphill battle with the people on our tour, as 3/5 of them ie everyone but me and my partner were not really knowledgeable or interested in otaku stuff. They were also kind of wet blankets? So some of our lack of enjoyment of the tour was attributable to them, and were of no fault of the guide. That being said, there were a number of significant issues with the tour itself. First, the guide was very nice and clearly a big gaijin otaku, but didn't really speak Japanese. That obviously presented a bit of a hurdle when it came to things like dealing with special dietary issues or finding specific items in store. The extent of assistance we could get from him was limited. Second, not to question the otaku cred of the guide, but he was kind of dismissive of or at the very least totally uninterested in the anime we were interested in. Contrary to what I've read from the other reviews, he didn't really do anything to help us find any merchandise related to them. It's sad but we were hoping to geek out, but... that didn't really happen. Again part of this may be blamed on the other people on the tour, who obviously also had to be managed by the guide. Still, it was not the experience I was hoping for based on the other reviews. Third, the tour is really just a walk down Den Den Town the Osaka nerd/electronics centre to visit a few stores: big figurine store whose name I forget, big arcade, Animega anime/manga store, and Super Potato vintage video games. Then we went to a maid cafe which was appropriately bizarre, but the highlight of the tour for sure and then walked to... Shinsaibashi, a major tourist centre that has nothing really to do with Otaku stuff. There was no cosplay theatre, as promised in the tour description, which was disappointing. So it was basically just shopping with a group of strangers, a cafe, and then walking to a major tourist area any guidebook would tell you to go to. Ultimately, the tour brought no more real value than just walking through this area and minimally exploring would give you. If you've never been to Osaka before, want someone to bring you to the big stores, and want to visit a maid cafe, this tour will give you that, I guess. But I really think it's nothing you couldn't do yourself with a pamphlet or Google Maps.
To know that a Tour like this exists in...
Felicia V
, apr 2017
To know that a Tour like this exists in the first place is amazing! In fact it was my 16 year daughter who convinced us myself, my husband and our 10 year old to opt for it. Though skeptical at first, we threw in the towel and went along. When we met our die hard Manga and Anime fan guide, Ryan, we knew that our tour would become more interesting than it already was turning out to be! Only after visiting the heart of Osaka's Manga and Anime districts with it's unique stores and the Maid Cafe, does one realizes how deep rooted the Otaku culture is in Japan- where life imitates art. It is incredible to see the different kind of people who throng this district-senior citizens and sophisticated, suited middle aged businessmen included! The Maid Cafe was a hit with the kids, thanks to the quirky food items and antics of it's servers. When Ryan conversed with my 16 year old during the Tour, I felt they were speaking a language only they understood. But the way the tour was conducted, we felt by the end of it, that all of us had become true blue 'Otaku's! Meeting the Head of the Tour Company, Jonathan, over drinks is the icing of the cake at the end of the Tour. The Tour Office is at the top of an unusual building with a Statue of Liberty on the top, surrounded by quirky shops and restaurants. A must visit is the Snake Cafe a few steps away....after this gem of a tour, trust me you'll be up for anything, including snakes slithering all over you while you have a drink! Oh...and did I mention the Cross Cafe with servers dressed as Doctors and Nurses, Owl Cafe, Alice in Wonderland Cafe with a tiny door almost at street level, the Cat Cafe........ -Felicia Variava Albert, Managing Director, Blaze Tours and Travels Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, India
Great tour, you don't have to be a game...
, apr 2017
Great tour, you don't have to be a game / manga nerd but it helps. Otaku is a living part of Japanese culture and therefore very interesting to discover this side of Japan that fuel a multi million dollar industry. Maid cafe was a surreal experience but don't expect to be impressed by the food
A very humorous day full of us...
Krysta R
, apr 2017
A very humorous day full of us fangirling. It was very informative. As girls we often are not taken seriously for our interests in areas such as these so it was great that we could talk about anime, video games and Japanese culture! Didn't die. P.S. This is an inside joke, it was not sketchy
This tour was amazing. Our tour guide...
, mrt 2017
This tour was amazing. Our tour guide Ryan was a great guide and very personable. With this being an otaku tour. It was very fitting of him to ask us geeks what anime/manga we were into and then sort of cater the tour to where he thought were the best locations to pick up some merchandise. He showed us around Den-Den Town, gave us some brief history of the area and showed us some of his favorite shops as well. We ate at a maid cafe for lunch which was very interesting and entertaining. If you've never cast a spell on food before, you will. After the tour was over he took us to his business headquarters where his boss greeted us and offered us complimentary drinks. We talked for about 3 hours after the tour in his office where they set up video games and music for you to listen to if you'd like. We just hung around had some funny conversations and they even invited us out to some events going on in the city at night which was very nice of them. All in all the tour was great and I highly recommend any geek to take this tour. Even if you're not a geek and are curious about otaku culture then this is the tour you want to take. For the price, it's pretty unbeatable.
Thanks a lot! I really enjoyed the tour...
Anja S
, feb 2017
Thanks a lot! I really enjoyed the tour with a great tour guide, who taught me a lot about otaku culture. Reliable, entertaining and definately worth the money.
Ryan was our guide. He was very...
Phillip C
, dec 2016
Ryan was our guide. He was very friendly and did a very casual tour, allowing us to set the pace and have input into what we wanted to see and do. Ryan had lots of fun facts and interesting stories to tell. This tour felt more like walking around town with a friend rather than an organised tour. Thanks Ryan
If you want to let your inner geek out...
Ryan P
, dec 2016
If you want to let your inner geek out for a stroll, this is the best tour in Osaka for it. Ryan was an excellent guide and more than happy to personalize the tour for us and our brand of geekery. Definitely recommend, hardcore Otaku or not!
Jonno is an excellent tour guide. While...
, nov 2016
Jonno is an excellent tour guide. While he has a walking plan, he is also very flexible to the group's wishes. If there is a particular anime that you favor and want to check out, he will guide you there. During the tour, we had some local japanese cuisines as well. The maid cafe was very interesting and everyone should definitely try it once if you never did it before. I also recommend if you have time, if you want to dress up in standard kimono traditional wear and have pics taken, Jonno can take you to a place at the end of the tour. Feel free to ask him any questions, he is excellent and well versed in Japanese culture. It is a good balance of walking and sitting. Lastly, since ground floor can mean different things, in Japan, that means '1F', so when you are in the station, go to 1F and look for the tourist center inside the station.

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