IJslandse Sagas: The Greatest Hits Theatre Show

Reykjavik, IJsland

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Dompel jezelf onder in de wilde en wonderlijke wereld van de IJslandse mythologie met een toegangskaartje voor de theatershow 'Icelandic Sagas - The Greatest Hits' in Reykjavik. Tijdens een performance van 75 minuten wordt je duizend jaar teruggebracht naar de tijd dat de eerste IJslandse kolonisten aanspraak maakten op het land. Wees getuige van een levendige melange van komedie, theater en muziek terwijl je een achtbaanrit maakt door de culturele en literaire geschiedenis van IJsland. Zorg ervoor dat je jezelf een kaartje voor deze spectaculaire show geeft, voordat de beperkte uitvoeringsperiode ten einde loopt.
  • Ticket voor de theatershow 'Icelandic Sagas - The Greatest Hits' in Reykjavik
  • Geniet van een performance van 75 minuten waarin komedie, muziek en geschiedenis worden gecombineerd
  • Reis duizend jaar terug naar de tijd dat de eerste kolonisten van de gemeente in IJsland aankwamen
  • Laat je verrassen door creatieve uitvoeringen van IJslandse mythen en legendes
Maak je eigen weg naar Harpa - een prachtig ontworpen concertzaal in Reykjavik - en laat je prepaid ticket zien aan een begeleider. Neem plaats op je toegewezen stoel, koop drankjes aan de bar als je dat wilt, en bereid je voor om je te verbazen tijdens de 75 minuten durende IJslandse Sagas - The Greatest Hits- theatershow.
Verlies jezelf in de komische theatrale van de show terwijl je getuige bent van de weergave van 40 IJslandse mythen, doorgegeven door de generaties op kalf-huid manuscripten. Maak kennis met personages zoals Gunnlaug Serpent Tongue, Leif the Lucky en Hallgerda Long-Pants, terwijl je door het literaire en culturele erfgoed van IJsland reist.
Wanneer de show tot een einde komt, verlaat de Harpa en maak je eigen weg terug naar je accommodatie.




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Ken B
, mrt 2018

This presentation is super fun, educational and inspiring. We enjoyed the close up seating arrangement and being able to meet the actors after the show. You can even try on costumes for festivity and pictures. the Harpa venue is incredible in and of itself as well. Go for it, you will really enjoy it!

, okt 2017

Fantastisch! Wir haben viel über die isländischen Sagen gelernt und noch viel mehr gelacht. Schauspieler waren Profis und haben das Publikum einbezogen. Mit Grundkenntnissen in Englisch war alles zu verstehen. Mit Kindern nur bedingt geeignet. Blutfehden und sexuelle Anspielungen könnten für die Kleinen zu viel sein. Für meinen Sohn 17 war es genial. Für unsere Tochter 10 wäre es wohl nichts gewesen. Aber ein toller Spaß,

Tyler J
, aug 2017

This show was by far the biggest waste of money I have ever spent on entertainment. I know you are probably thinking that I am just one of those complainers that can never be amused or satisfied no matter what... but, I promise you that this is not one of those cases. The show consists of 2 people... which was explained and was fine. The problem was that the woman had such a heavy accent that only a few words here and there could be understood. The man was very clear when he spoke. We tried to ignore this big inconvenience and we actually did. Moving on... after about 20 minutes, we and from the faces of 98 of the audience were so extremely bored and was just tired of fake-laughing. The remaining 55 minutes was completely agonizing. A man had gotten up not to leave at one point in the show and was called out by the man on stage, so we stayed in order to save the embarrassment. Nothing at all changed up during the entire course of the show. Next to no jokes were humorous. An hour and 15 minutes was way too long for this show! About half way through, I realized that these were not two hyper, obnoxious people looking to entertain and amuse... these were two people that should have a psychiatric evaluation rather than a stage.

Patricia D
, aug 2017

Wonderful actors. Very entertaining!

Anita F
, aug 2016

It was a fun evening and funny take on Iceland's past actors were engaging, lively and included humorous takes in their skits of American icons.

Camilla J
, aug 2016

Trevlig kväll! Rekommenderas om man gillar teater i snabbt tempo!

, aug 2016

This is entertaining show to learn about the Sagas and it's at the beautiful HARPA. There are only 2 actors and they acted out the Sagas in a modern way even mixing some US pop-culture reference into the skit.

The only disappointment is sitting at the edge of the row there were many times I couldn't hear what the actors where saying. Whenever they faced away from me I couldn't hear or whenever they were at the other end of the stage. They weren't wearing microphones but I really hope for future they would consider improving the sound to ensure the best experience at such a lovely venue.

, jul 2016

Extremely entertaining! Well done!! and a superb theatre as well

Jennifer S H
, jul 2016

We had not a clue what stories or sagas we would hear about Iceland hence why we decided to attend this show. Not only was it comical, the actors themselves were great and presented well. We were able to use the knowledge gained from the sagas for the rest of our trip-it made more sense as we travel to vary spots of the island. My husband couldn't wait to share with his family and we have recommended this for friends who will be visiting in the next few months.

, jun 2016

This was hilarious. A delightful adventure into Icelandic mythology with two very talented performers. Lots of audience participation added to the fun.

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