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Aurora Pass: 7-daagse onbeperkte Noorderlicht-achtervolgingsreizen

Tromsø, Noorwegen

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Vergroot je kansen om het noorderlicht te zien met deze 7-daagse pas vanuit Tromsø. Elke dag dat je besluit om uit te gaan, begin je aan een reis van 7 uur vergezeld van een gids naar de plek waar het het meest waarschijnlijk is om de lichten te zien. Geniet van de begeleiding van een professionele fotograaf bij het maken van foto's van het fenomeen; professionele portretten zijn ook beschikbaar voor aankoop.
  • 7-daagse Aurora Borealis-pas
  • Meerdaagse pas geeft je de beste kans om het noorderlicht te zien
  • Foto-begeleiding van een professionele fotograaf
  • Elke dag is de tour 7 uur naar de beste plek van de dag
  • Er worden warme dranken en koekjes verstrekt
Dagelijks voor 13.00 uur inchecken voor 13.00 uur; dit kan worden gedaan door te bellen, te e-mailen of te stoppen bij het reisbureau. Let op: u moet elke dag inchecken om uw plaats te reserveren tijdens de tour van die avond.

Voorafgaand aan de avond vertrektijd van 18 uur, ga je naar het tourbureau gekleed in warme kleding en stevige laarzen. Het kantoor bevindt zich in het centrum van Tromsø, bij Kaigata 2A, achter het Amalie Hotel.

Klim in een comfortabele, goed uitgeruste tourwagen, stevig genoeg om het ruige Noorse landschap aan te kunnen. Reis naar de plekken waar de daggidsen de beste gok vonden om de lichten die dag te zien, op basis van hun expertise en de weersvoorspelling. Een professionele fotograaf helpt u bij het optimaliseren van uw camera-instellingen om de beste foto's te maken en is beschikbaar voor portretten (extra kosten). Neem halverwege de tour een pauze voor koekjes en warme chocolademelk.

Keer terug naar het tourkantoor rond 01.00 uur. Je Tourpas is 7 dagen geldig, dus je kunt de volgende dag opnieuw proberen als je niet tevreden bent met de lichtshow.



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Beoordelingen van Viator-reizigers
, mrt 2019
We had a wonderful experience with Northernshots tours to see Northern light were AMAZING, all the guides was brilliant, the minute you hopped in to the bus you are well look after until end of the evening. All the guides were knowledgeable and helpful, they explaining about the aurora, help us with our camera/mobile phone settings, they also provided free drinks tea, coffee, and hot chocolate also cookies  We got the 7 day unlimited Northern Light pass we were only thinking if we cannot see the lights on the night we will go the following night, somehow we were so lucky that we managed to see it on the first night and enjoyed it so much and end up going every night and is was spectacular AMAZING………. Top it up with saw shooting star on one of the nights amazing. Big thank you to all the guides, you are all AMAZING…….. without you we may not able to see it, thank you again :)
The most memorable tour ever! Sebastian...
, okt 2018
The most memorable tour ever! Sebastian and Morgan are the best! The tour company went above and beyond to make sure we see the northern lights and happy to write that we saw it 4 out of the 5 nights!!! Highly recommended!
The Northern Shots Tour with the 7...
Carol D
, mrt 2018
The Northern Shots Tour with the 7 day Aurora Pass was amazing. I travelled to Tromso alone, from Australia to see the Northern Lights. I was there for 4 days / nights only and I saw the NLs on all 4 nights lucky me. The wonderful people doing the tours were able to seek out clear skies every night - even though we travelled quite a long way some nights. Thank you to all involved. I would recommend this Aurora Pass - even if you are only there for a few nights.
these guys are the best. highly...
, feb 2018
these guys are the best. highly highly recommend paying for 7 day tour as you are not guaranteed to see the light. we were in Tromso for 4 nights and we were soooo lucky to see it on the first night but we still went on all other nights and on our last night we didn't get to see anything and every night was sooo different and they took us to different location. chasing northern light is a hard activity as bus leaves every night at 6 and gets back about 1 am so be ready for it and make sure you take your good camera and tripod. one thing I didn't do.
Quite reasonable and very much worth...
Amruta S
, nov 2017
Quite reasonable and very much worth the grand northern lights. We were able to take this trip for 3 nights and on two out of these three nights we saw the lights. They take a good effort to take you where the skies would be most clear and are very informative. Joel was our guide on the first two nights and was very patient and helpful to show us the camera settings. On the third night, our guide was Francesco who took us to a location where skies were clearing up, despite the cloudy weather in Tromso. I wish we could take this tour for all the 7 nights. Much recommend this pass if you plan to stay for max number of nights in Tromso.
I would highly recommend this if you...
Hasnah A
, apr 2017
I would highly recommend this if you are staying in Tromso more than three nights and intend to chase the light for at least three times. Not able to see the light at Rovaniemi Finland in January 2016, I planned for 6 nights stay at Tromso and the 7 day pass is the most economical. I intended to go for all 6 nights but one night was cancelled due to the snow storm as it was deemed unsafe. The office staffs were very friendly and helpful. Bus was comfortable and equipped with clean non smelly toilet, driver did regular checks while we were not moving. All the guides were knowledgeable and helpful. They did a great job explaining about the aurora, they strategies each outing to improve the possibility of sighting, help us with our camera settings, make hot chocolate and took our potraits on request. We had 5 amazing nights with Joel and Francesco for 2 nights each and Morgan for one night. First night with Joel was our first experience, not knowing what to expect. It was cloudy so we have to wait in the falling snow. Joel pointed at a slight pale stripe on the sky, so my husband captured it. It was too pale that can only be seen in picture. Second night with Francesco was much better. We went to Sommaray Island saw many beautiful lights even with our naked eyes. Seeing the aurora in its pale green appearing in the sky was truly an experience which cannot be described in a book. Chasing it every night for 5 nights in a cold, open dark snowy area somewhere in the arctic at negative Celsius, several nights with snow storm seems extremely hard, but the experience was wonderful. I will do it again if given the opportunity. Northernshots Tours is good value as it does not include the non necessities in the price. You pay what you need. Boot, suits, hat can be rented at a fee. They provide camera tripod for loan. Hot chocolate and cookies are free.
The pass is a must have if you plan...
, mrt 2017
The pass is a must have if you plan to stay in Tromso for several nights and want to make sure to see the Northern Lights. It's not as easy as it seems to get to see them since the sky has to be clear and the solar activity should be quite high so going only for one night might not be very successful. It took us 4 chases out of the 7 possible and we got to see the lights only once. Be prepared for a bus ride especially if the weather is not very good: they go even to Finland in search for some openings in the sky. Joel and Francesco were amazing guides and photographers: during the bus ride they will explain everything you need to know about the Aurora, will give you tips on how to take photos of it and help you set up your camera better to have a DSRL. You can also rent a tripod in their office before departure if you don't have one remember to request it in advance as they have limited availability. The wait for the lights to appear can be quite long so make sure to dress accordingly. While you are waiting they will serve you hot chocolate, tea and cookies. The staff is very friendly and will answer any questions you might have.
Feel happiness to see aurora every...
Jen-yin C
, feb 2017
Feel happiness to see aurora every night!!!!! Rembmer to book a reservation before 13:00 by E-mail to make sure you can enjoy aurora every single night under the clean stary sky. Tour guides are very professional and helpful to your camera. And even take wonderful photos for you. If you're staying in Tromso several days, take this 7-day unlimited pass as your best choice.
They really did try very hard to...
David M
, jan 2017
They really did try very hard to find us something to see, but it was just a blizzard every night. Would go with them again, if I come back that way.
We went for 2 nights in the first...
Angelique T
, jan 2017
We went for 2 nights in the first week of December. The first night, as our guide told us, we were spoiled because there were nonstop lights under very clear skies for nearly 3-4 hours. The second night we had to work a little harder and they drove us all the way to the Finnish border in order to see them through the near blizzard conditions. The guides were extremely knowledgeable and helpful, especially when it came to offering to take pictures of us under the lights and helping out with our own camera settings to help us get the best photos we could. There were 2 guides each night and between the 2 of them had most languages, including English, German, Dutch, Italian and Spanish covered, so communication was rarely an issue. After looking at our pictures we already have family and friends who are waiting for us to plan another trip to Tromso so that they could come with us. And if we do go back we would definitely go through Northern Shots again.

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