Independence Square

Known by locals as Black Star Square, Independence Square is located in bustling Accra and serves as a tribute to the nation’s inspiring past. Commissioned by Ghana’s first president in 1961 to pay homage to Queen Elizabeth II, Independence Square is the second largest city square in the world. Its well-manicured grounds, towering fountain, Black Star Gate and Independence Arch prove an impressive destination and popular backdrop for photos in the nation’s capital city. 

Travelers who arrive near the March 6 Independence Day Parade can catch all the wonder from one of the square’s 30,000 seats. Visitors arriving other times of year still have a chance to see public gatherings and national festivals that take place at this hub of city life.

Practical Info

Independence Square is located between the Accra Sports Stadium and Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park.
Adres: Independence Square, Accra, Ghana
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