Travelers in search of Accra’s colonial past will likely find themselves in the streets of Jamestown, a densely-populated fishing village located to the west of Kwame Nkrumah Avenue. The towering lighthouse, built by the British in 1871, is a popular destination among visitors who flock to this part of town seeking a touchstone to history. But visitors say this once thriving neighborhood is now worn down—gripped by poverty, yet still vibrantly alive. 

Travelers can climb to the top of the iconic lighthouse, then wander the parameter of Fort James, a former prison built by the British in the 17th Century. These nods to the past prove popular destinations, but visitors say it’s the energy of the town and the sense of community that make this once colonial enclave truly worth a visit.

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Jamestown is located east of the Korle Lagoon. Visit the Bukom district, where boxing is a serious business. More than 20 schools line the streets and matches are guaranteed to be worth watching.
Adres: Jamestown, Ghana
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