Iracema Waterfall

Travelers to Brazil rank a trip to Iracema Waterfall among the top destination for visitors in search of an ecological adventure. Stationed deep in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest, a trip to see the thundering waters of Iracema is an ideal way to get up close with the indigenous wildlife while exploring the Urubui River. After hiking the surrounding trails that lead to this picturesque peak, head to the foot of the falls where shallow waters provide a welcome escape from the humidity and heat of the Amazon heat and a perfect place for a refreshing dip. 

Practical Info

The prime season for visiting Iracema Waterfall is from July to December, when the waters are most spectacular. The falls are located in Presidente Figuiredo—referred to by locals as “the land of waterfalls”—about an hour and half north of Manaus.
Adres: Presidente Figuiredo, Brazil, Brazilië
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