Rio Negro

The Rio Negro is not only the largest tributary of the great Amazon River, it’s also the largest blackwater river in the world. Its color—which looks more like strong tea than a dark oil slick—comes from high concentrations of humic acid. Despite its unique color, the river supports more than 700 species of fish, making it a rich resource for communities located along its banks.

Travelers who navigate the flow of this winding river can see the diversity of the Amazon Rain Forest up close and bear witness to the Meeting of the Waters, where the muddy Amazon River mixes with the dark Rio Negro. Visitors can hire a guide, paddle a canoe or hop aboard one of the local motorized boats to explore this natural wonder, where black waters and tropical vegetation make for a memorable experience.

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The Rio Negro borders Colombia, Venezuela and Brazil. It typically floods during the rainy season, between April and October, making it a bit more challenging to navigate.
Adres: Manaus, Brazil, Brazilië
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