Mixco Viejo

Mixco Viejo is an archaeological site that dates back to the postclassic Mayan civilization. There are two areas with the name Mixco Viejo, as the former Chajoma Kaqchikel kingdom was mistakenly linked to the postclassic Poqomam capital as a result of confusion interpreting the colonial records. To properly distinguish between the two today, the former Poqomam capital is called Mixco Viejo (Chinaulta Viejo), while the Kaqchikel capital is known as Mixco Viejo (Jilotepeque Viejo).

Mixco Viejo (Jilotepeque Viejo) borders the departments of Quiche, Chimaltenango and Guatemala near the junction of the Motagua and Pixcaya rivers. It consists of 15 groups with over 120 major structures, including palaces, ball courts and temples.

Mixco Viejo’s population was believed to have been about 1,500 at one point. Evidence shows it was one of the few Maya cities inhabited and still functioning when the Spanish conquistadores arrived in Guatemala. Researchers believe the area got its start in the 12th or 13th century, and it’s possible that Mixco Viejo was an economic center for the surrounding valley. The nearby Motagua River was a commercial route for products during the pre-Hispanic area. 

Practical Info

Mixco Viejo (Jilotepeque Viejo) is located about 30 miles from Guatemala City and can be reached via day trips from either Guatemala City or Antigua. Admission to Mixco Viejo is about $8, and the site is open daily from 8am to 4pm. Mixco Viejo suffered considerable damage during an earthquake in 1976, which resulted in the destruction of some restoration work. 
Adres: San Juan Sacatepequez, Guatemala
Openingstijden: Daily 8am to 4pm
Toegang: $8
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Dagtrip naar Mixco Viejo vanuit Antigua

Ontdek de mysteries van de oude Maya-beschaving tijdens deze dagexcursie naar de archeologische vindplaats Mixco Viejo, inclusief het ophalen van hotels en het vervoer heen en terug vanuit Antigua. Volg je gids door de uitgestrekte Maya-ruïnes en leer hoe de stad ooit de hoofdstad was van het Poqomam Maya-koninkrijk terwijl je je verwondert over tempels, paleizen en balspelen. Na de lunch (op eigen kosten), geniet je van vrije tijd om zelfstandig te verkennen voordat je terugkeert naar Antigua.
  • Duur: 8 uur
  • Aangeboden in: Engels
US$ 99,99
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  • Duur: 8 uur
  • Aangeboden in: Engels
US$ 99,99

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