Ferry Building

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Auckland’s Harbor is one of those places that’s a complete sight unto itself. After all—this is the famous “City of Sails,” where something as simple as a stroll down the docks is a legitimate form of sightseeing. Even here in the harbor, however, there are traditional sights outside of the yachts that float and bob off the docks. One of these sights is the Ferry Building, a classically soaring yellow structure that was built in 1912. Compared to Auckland’s modern skyscrapers that rise across the street, the Ferry Building is an architectural throwback to days when New Zealand was beginning to forge a future it earned on its own. Today, the Ferry Building is a buzz of activity full of people-watching, shops, and cafés. It’s also the spot to catch the ferry to Devonport or Waiheke Island—and a conduit to the beauty of Waitemata Harbor and the dozens of ships sailing by. Even if you aren’t booked on a ferry to one of Auckland’s distant shorelines, there’s a certain magnetism in simply passing some time in the historic building. Order a coffee and smell the salt as it evaporates off of the dock lines, or listen to the song of seagulls mixed with the honk of passing boats. Viaduct Harbor and Queen Street are both a short stroll away, and it’s a building that forms the historic soul of Auckland’s modern harbor. 
Adres: 99 Quay St, Auckland, New Zealand 1010, Nieuw-Zeeland
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