Texas Hill Country

Head west out of Austin and explore the heart of the Texas Hill Country, a massive area that encompasses 25 counties within Central and South Texas. Spring-fed rivers and rugged terrain make up the landscape, and popular towns like San Marcos and New Braunfels are located on the drive between Austin and San Antonio. The most well-known spot in Texas Hill Country is Fredericksburg, which is accessible from either Austin or San Antonio.

The region offers a wealth of things to do – everything from recreational lake activities to award-winning wineries. You can spend one day tubing down a river and wake up the next day to make your tee time at a world-class golf course. 

Thanks to Texas Hill Country’s karst topography – landscape formed from soluble rocks like limestone, gypsum, and dolomite – the area has a number of interesting caverns to explore, and while Texas is generally noted for its Mexican influence, this area includes a prominent Central European sub-culture. German, Swiss, Austrian, Polish, and Czech influences are noted in the culinary scene and architecture of the region.

Practical Info

The distance between Texas Hill Country’s gateway cities of Austin and San Antonio is 60 miles. It is generally accepted that Texas Hill Country boundaries are I35 to the east and San Antonio’s State Loop 1604 to the south. The western and northern borders are a bit more ambiguous, but generally consider anything south of Lake Buchanan and along Highway 29 for the northern border, while US 83’s route between Junction and Uvalde lines the western side.
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