Rhône River

The Rhône River starts in the Swiss Alps, ends in the Mediterranean, and for most of the 500 miles in between there is a wealth of commerce, agriculture and activities that make southeastern France so notable. First are the historic cities on its banks–Lyon, Avignon and Arles are just a few. Also along the banks of the Rhône, or the “Cotes du Rhône” as the French say, is the eponymous wine that oenophiles swoon over. 
In fact, it is the Rhône that gives the surrounding valley the proper terroir for wine; the first vines were grown here in Greek and Roman times and the tradition continues today. The vineyards of the region are visited by those looking for fair weather in addition to a unique wine experience. 

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The Rhône River stretches for 505 miles from Switzerland all the way down through southeastern France and out to the Mediterranean Sea.
Adres: France, Frankrijk
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