St Benezet Bridge (Pont d'Avignon)

The St. Benezet Bridge - known as the Pont d’Avignon - is a famous bridge located in Avignon. The 12th century bridge originally spanned 900 m (2,950ft) across the Rhône River. The bridge collapsed frequently and was reconstructed multiple times. Today, only 4 of the original 22 arches remain complete.

The inception of the St. Benezet Bridge centers around a local shepherd boy of the same name who was told by an angel to construct the bridge. He proved his divine inspiration to the town and wealthy benefactors by lifting a large stone block. The bridge also served as a place of worship for Rhône boatmen until it became so unsteady it was deemed dangerous. The bridge is also historically significant in that was an important strategic river crossing.

Come visit the Pont d'Avignon on that now spans less than half the Rhône River to get a taste of medieval France. It is a popular vantage point to admire Avignon and the river.

Adres: Rue Ferruce, Avignon 84000, Frankrijk
Openingstijden: 9am-9pm Jul, 9:00-8pm Aug-Sep; 9am-7pm mid-Mar-Jun & Oct, 9.30am-5.45pm Nov-mid-Mar
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