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The glittering disco ball of the Mediterranean, Ibiza is famed for its stylish clubs, scantily clad starlets, world-class DJs, and powdery white beaches. Its auto-tuned siren song calls out to every hennaed hippy and jet-set D-lister able to hold his or her liquor, tempting each to make their way across the sapphire sea and dance into an international playground of exceptional beauty.

Of course, Ibiza is much more than its infamous party scene. With a rich history hearkening back to the Phoenicians, it has its share of ancient edifices, and even a few museums. Diving, sailing, hiking, and bicycling are just a few of the healthy ways to work off your hangover. For a change of scenery, take a boat over to less developed Formentera Island, known for both its natural and naturist beauty. 

Ibiza is also beginning to market its family-friendly resorts, perfect for the heavily tattooed couple eager to show their children that perfect beach where they first fell in love. If they could only remember which one it was. Cheers!

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