Candi Kuning Market (Pasar Candi Kuning)

Candi Kuning is the biggest town in the mountainous Bedugul area and lies at 1200 meters right on the shores of the cool and often misty Danau Bratan Lake. On the main road just a bit south of the town, the Pasar Candi Kuning, the local vegetable and fruit market, is set up. Orchids and other jungle plants flourishing in this high altitude, as well as huge variety of artfully stacked fruit and vegetables draw buyers from all over Bali. Next to the exotic flowers and fruits, spices, such as nutmeg, pepper, paprika and turmeric add a wonderful array of colors.

All the produce is freshly picked from the many fields and farms surrounding the area. But there aren’t only pomelos, bananas, papayas, pink dragon fruit and the stinky durians sold here. In Candi Kuning, you can sink your teeth into heaps of juicy and very plump strawberries – a berry that doesn’t usually do well in tropical climates, but is cultivated en masse at the cooler elevation of Bali’s central highlands. Apart from the strawberries, visitors can also purchase orchid seeds, as well as go hunting for a variety of local souvenirs, as different handicrafts such as paintings and textiles can be found in the stalls as well. Since the market is very popular, the prices are high, but with some talent for bargaining and by showing up later in the afternoon, a time when most tourists have left, there are some very reasonable deals to be had.

Practical Info

Pasar Candi Kuning is located just a bit south of Candi Kuning on the main road towards Denpasar. The market opens from 7am to 4pm and to get there, take the local bus, a taxi or join on with a tour from Singaraja or Denpasar. 
Adres: Bali, Indonesia, Indonesië
Openingstijden: Daily 7am-4pm
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