Sky Bar

Spending the evening at the world's highest sky bar is an elegant and unique experience, unless you're afraid of heights. Located in the State Tower, the second tallest building in Thailand, on the 64th floor, the Sky Bar specializes in culturing an atmosphere of sophistication and exclusivity. There is a strict dress code, an expensive Mediterranean restaurant called Sirocco and a list of very expensive cocktails.

The bar's unique set up, which has won many design awards, gives the impression that you are literally dining in the open air high above the city. The bar is elegant and colorful but the real star is the spectacular panoramic view of Bangkok below. Sunset over the river is particularly beautiful.
Adres: The Dome at Iebua 63rd Fl, 1055/42 Silom Rd, Bangkok 10500, Thailand
Openingstijden: Open Daily 6pm - 1am.
Toegang: Drinks begin at around $20
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