The real appeal of the tiny town of Elorrio (population 7,000) is the opportunity to experience rural Basque culture, with a glass of red wine. Surrounded by cool mountains, most the village's classic stone architecture dated from the 16th and 17th centuries, though far older archways and buildings are interspersed with such appealing structures as Gothic Santa María de la Asunción. Outside town, the Necrópolis de Argiñeta Tombs date to at least 711 AD, perhaps even earlier.

Elorrio is also a popular base for hikers and walkers, with acc ess to such sites as the Ermita de Santa Catalina, the Sanctuary of Arantzazu, and nearby Parque de Urkiola.

Practical Info

Elorrio is located 39 scenic kilometers (24 miles) from Bilbao, and is inaccessible via train. Buses run between Elorrio and Bilbao every hour, and to the industrial town of Durango (with connections throughout the region) every half hour. 

This is a popular destination for walkers as well, with many planning their journeys around overnighting in either the city's simple hotel or one of the agrotourism projects around town.

Adres: BI-632, Elorrio, Spanje
Toegang: Free
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