Ninety Mile Beach

The North Island’s Ninety Mile Beach runs northwards along the west coast near Kaitaia all the way to Cape Reinga on New Zealand’s northernmost tip.

This seemingly endless stretch of wave-lapped sand is rimmed by dunes and topped by the lighthouse at Cape Reinga, where the Pacific Ocean meets the Tasman Sea.

A 90 mile (145 kilometer) marathon is run along the beach each year, commemorating the race run by a legendary athlete along the stretch of sand in pre-colonial times.

Practical Info

The Ninety Mile Beach sand is hard enough to drive along, and tours here do just that when tides are favorable.

A popular access point is Waipapakauri, north of the main regional town, Kaitaia.

Adres: Ninety Mile Beach Road, Kaitaia 0410, Nieuw-Zeeland
Toegang: Free
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