Missing House

A haunting tribute to all that was lost in WWII, the aptly named ‘Missing House’ is powerful in simplicity – a visual metaphor that pushes visitors to consider the lasting effects of war. Destroyed by bombing in February 1945, the ‘house’ is now nothing more than an empty space between 2 buildings, but it was once part of a thriving mixed community, with both Jewish and non-Jewish former residents.

Transformed into ‘a memorial space dedicated to absence’ by French artist Christian Boltanski in 1990, the neighboring houses are now adorned with brass plaques listing the house’s former residents. It’s a moving sight, with the stark space offering a poignant reminder of what is left behind after war, and the surprising variety of former residents (both in religion and class status) showcasing a diversity all but wiped out by the arrival of the Nazi regime. 

Adres: Grosse Hamburgerstrasse 16, Berlin, Germany, Duitsland
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