Otto Weidt Museum

Otto Weidt Museum
A unique and moving tribute to one of the everyday heroes of WWII, the Otto Weidt Museum tells the story of its former owner, Otto Weidt, and his Workshop for the Blind. Recognised as one of the Righteous Men of the World’s Nations, Otto Weidt, himself visually impaired, owned and ran a factory producing brooms and brushes during the war years, employing around 30 blind and deaf Jews between the years of 1941 and 1943. 

With a business classed as ‘vital to the war effort’ thanks to providing for the Wehrmacht, Weidt went to great lengths to keep his employees safe, even falsifying documents, helping them escape and bribing the Gestapo to have his workers released from assembly camps.

Today, the museum is devoted to telling his story and it’s a compelling account, including letters, poems and photographs, alongside the personal stories of his former employees. Visitors can even see the hideout at the back of the workshop, where Weidt hid those threatened by deportation. 

Adres: Rosenthaler Str. 39, Berlin, Germany 10178, Duitsland
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