Walsingham Nature Reserve

Walsingham Nature Reserve is located on the eastern side of Bermuda by Castle Harbour. Though smaller than nearby Spittal Pond Nature Reserve, Walsingham Nature Reserve packs a lot of beauty into its 12 acres and is worth visiting during your time in Bermuda.

The can’t-miss sight in Walsingham Nature Reserve is the Blue Hole, which is actually a mangrove pond. The pond gets the name Blue Hole due to its rich blue hue. The water of the Blue Hole is clear, making it easy to see the many fish swimming around in it. The edges of the Blue Hole are surrounded by thick foliage and limestone and other rock, giving it a rugged, secluded feel.

Other sights in Walsingham Nature Reserve include small caves and grottos, which can be accessed via the walking trails through the reserve. While walking along the trails you’ll also see a number of birds who make Walsingham Nature Reserve their home. 

Practical Info

A parking lot at the Blue Hole entrance makes driving to Walsingham Nature Reserve easy to do. There are also bus services to Walsingham Nature Reserve from Hamilton and St George’s. There is no admission fee for Walsingham Nature Reserve and it is open daily from sunrise to sunset. 
Adres: Castle Harbour, Bermuda
Openingstijden: Daily from sunrise to sunset
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