Cape Leveque

One of Australia's most stunning stretches of coastline, Cape Leveque is filled with saturated hues: brick-red cliffs, pearl-white sand and clear, blue water.

It’s fantastically remote but there is an excellent eco-resort run by the traditional Aboriginal owners of the land and miles of that glorious beach.

There are lots of activities available once you get to the cape. Glass-bottomed boats will give you a look at the beautiful corals and fish that live in the waters around the cape and the fishing is excellent especially for mackerel, tuna and sailfish.

There are also cultural tours you can undertake with the traditional Aboriginal owners of the land which will teach you about their way of life on the cape.

Practical Info

It’s a good 3.5 hour drive from Broome over corrugated dirt roads, a trip for 4-wheel drive vehicles only. If you’re not experienced with a 4WD then there are companies that run up to Cape Leveque; most of the day-trips are by plane.

Adres: Broome-Cape Leveque Road, Australië
Toegang: Free
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