One Arm Point

One Arm Point is an Aboriginal community on the Dampier Peninsula, close to Cape Leveque. Like much of the surrounding area, it stands as a natural wilderness, virtually untouched by modern civilization.

The traditional Aboriginal community that calls One Arm Point home embraces tourism, and visitors to the point come to be immersed in the local culture as much as to marvel at the sweeping views of the Buccaneer Archipelago. The community on One Arm Point is the Bardi Aboriginal Community. Community members teach visitors traditional hunting and fishing techniques, demonstrate how to find and use bush foods and medicines, show how to catch mud crabs, and aims to share with visitors the relationship between the people and the land that exists in many Aboriginal communities. The Bardi also sell local art and jewelry, including jewelry hand carved from trochus shells.

Practical Info

One Arm Point is a three-hour drive north of Broome. The road is unsealed, and strictly 4WD only. It is recommended that visitors plan their trip during winter as the road is often closed in parts during the summer wet season. Accommodation is not available on One Arm Point, however there is accommodation at nearby Cape Leveque.
Adres: One Arm Point Rd, Dampier Peninsula, WA, Australia 6725, Australië
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