El Querandi

El Querandi
Red wine and red-hot tango are two of Argentina’s top exports and few places do both as well as El Querandi, one of the most famous tango venues in Buenos Aires. The atmospheric restaurant and wine bar is as popular with locals, who fill up on lunchtime steaks, as it is with tourists, who frequent the legendary dinner tango shows, and serves up an acclaimed menu of Argentine cuisine and local wines.

The historic venue has been making its mark in the tango world since it first opened its doors in 1920 and while the nightly dinner shows are now mostly for the benefit of tourists, the passion and artistry of the tango is still very much alive. Tracing the history of the sultry tango from the late 19th century bordellos, through its many generational interpretations and including plenty of gasp-inducing modern twists, the El Querandi tango show is a stylish introduction to the iconic dance. Entering the dimly lit venue is like stepping back in time, with tuxedoed waiters and glittering chandeliers bringing a touch of old world glamor, film reels showcasing clips of the tango greats and dazzling costumes and performances by some of the city’s most talented dancers.
Adres: El Querandi, Monserrat, Buenos Aires, Argentinië
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